Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Arcade Fire & Kesha...

First, let's talk about Arcade Fire.
Yeah, this came out of left field for me. Arcade Fire released Everything Now in very late July, I listened to it on a whim and was totally surprised by how much I liked it. I heard the song "Everything Now," their first single from the album, and it was alright but I wasn't too impressed. Come to find out, I might even like it just as much as The Suburbs. It was produced by Arcade Fire and Thomas Bangalter (I just found out), one half of Daft Punk, so no wonder why it's dance pop amazingness. It's definitely different from their normal sound but there have been hints of Everything Now within their past discography, specifically "Sprawl II" from The Suburbs. People liked it when "Sprawl II" came out, but for some reason this album is getting a lot of shade from the purists. "Arcade Fire is selling out." What an easy phrase to say without any other information presented to prove this! It seems that like The Suburbs, they really thought about this as an album, not song by song. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I love that. Here's one of my favorites on the album for your listening pleasure, "Signs of Life" (Disclaimer: I have not watched the video yet so I'm not sure what number it is on the "so hipster it makes me sick" scale. Judging from the screen cap, I'm guessing an 11. I digress.).

The pop music world is rejoicing - Kesha's back!
I'm so happy Kesha is back. After years of dealing with nasty court cases and not being able to record music, she finally is back with her third album Rainbow, that comes out this Friday, August 8th. She's already released four songs off the album along with videos - "Praying," "Learn to Let Go," "Hymn," and "Woman," which might be my favorite. People who have already heard the record call it a "powerful, emotional and strongly feminist record that is worth the 4-year wait." Sounds good to me. Honestly, I think this album is important not only to her fans and for her career as a sustainable artist, but for her as well. It's an extremely personal record, just listen to "Praying," it says it all what she's been going through for YEARS. And as a musician, especially someone like Kesha who was a rising star (and I guess still is?) and obviously loves making music to share it with the world, it must have been extremely heart breaking to be unable to record or release any new music for such a long time. Warrior came out in 2012, for gods sake! She's got a lot of things to say! She is still Kesha, but different. If you're looking for the next "Tik Tok," you'll be sorely disappointed. But hopefully "Woman," a song that has more of a deeper meaning than any of the songs on Animal, will suffice. This is a side of Kesha the masses haven't seen before - more serious about her music but other than that, her ideas and opinions on things seem the same. A little bit more reserved, which is understandable. Even if I hate this album, I'm still going to support her. This quote perfectly sums up the reasons I will: "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."- ee Cummings