Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Last.FM Randomizer Challenge 3.14.17

The randomizer chose #46 which happens to be Band of Horses on my Last. FM list of most played artists of all time - haven't even thought about this band in a while!

I absolutely love this band's three first albums - Everything All the Time (2006), Cease to Begin (2007) and Infinite Arms (2010). Mirage Rock (2012) and Why Are You OK (2016) have been sleeper hits, at best, and I haven't been able to get into them the same way I got into the previous three. The songs on the first three albums just grabbed you and from my experience, songs on Mirage Rock and Why Are You OK seems to be more...mellow? Uninteresting? I hate to say it but, yes. Uninteresting.

This Americana folk rock band formed from Ben Bridwell's, formally of Carissa's Weird, (a band with a strong cult following,) vision of a pop version of folk adding elements of older Country and current alternative rock. Results from that have been "The Funeral," "No One's gonna Love You" and "Laredo", some of their best work to date. If you don't know any Band of Horses songs, you probably have heard "The Funeral" in a Grey's Anatomy promo commercial or even a 2008 Ford Edge advertisement during the superbowl (true story). If you couldn't tell, yes, they've sold out hard but has it really worked for them and I'm not someone who judges "selling out" harshly. It kind of depends on the circumstance, in my opinion. Now their blimps on the map and they can record in Asheville, North Carolina, be signed to SubPop and have a comfortable music career. And like Carissa's Weird, Band of Horses has gotten a loyal following but with that oompf they've received from using their songs from advertising, it's given them a leg up that will prevent them from stopping or founder any time soon.

Even though I wasn't into their last two albums, I can still hear that the talent is there - they just are experimenting with it in a different way that I'm not into. Hopefully (for me!), their next one will be more reminiscent to Everything All the Time or Cease to Begin.

Also, just a extra, special tip for you - "Detlef Schrempf" can make me weep like a baby when the timing is right. This is the verse that really gets me:
So take it as a song or a lesson to learn
and sometime soon be better than you were.
If you say you're gonna go, then be careful
and watch how you treat every living soul.

Highly recommend you listen and it's one of the instances that make this band pretty fantastic.

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