Saturday, August 13, 2016

Last.FM Randomizer Challenge 8.13.16

Hey! I had an idea...every once in a while I'm going to choose a random number between 1 and 50 with help from and the number that gets picked will be the number of the Last.FM artist that correlates with that number. I'll talk about that artist and my favorite songs, albums, etc.

This time chose #33...according to my Last. FM most scrobbled of all time list that artist is...Death Cab for Cutie!

I have to say, my interest in Death Cab has wavered throughout the years...I would say a lot of those scrobbles has calculated comes from the 2008 Narrow Stairs - possibly my favorite Death Cab for Cutie album, which I know is sacrilege because everyone knows Plans and Transatlanticism are the best! And if you don't agree well then obviously, you're wrong. Right? RIGHT?! That's what people say anyway.

I love Plans, don't get me wrong, but Narrow Stairs had this maturity and honesty to it that I love. Before Narrow Stairs, Death Cab focused a lot on relationships and personal issues but Narrow Stairs told stories about other people and even used stories from literature ("Bixby Canyon Bridge") and current events ("Grapevine Fires"). If they did talk about relationships, it seemed to be written in more of a mature light than previous albums, "The Ice is Getting Thinner," most specifically. That song still makes me cry sometimes.
Then after this record, they released The Open Door EP which is also a favorite of mine and very similar sounding to Narrow Stairs (which makes sense because they recorded those songs while they were recording Narrow Stairs). In a way, I wish they just kept these songs on Narrow Stairs. "I Was Once a Loyal Lover"? "My Mirror Speaks"? Those are some solid tunes.

The last album I was really interested in by them was Codes and Keys, released in 2011. I haven't heard Kintsugi yet, which was their eighth studio album released in 2015 but I haven't heard good things and judging from the one or two songs I have heard from it, I don't really have interest. I don't know exactly what happened but it seemed with Narrow Stairs and Open Door that they were adjusting to growing up and making music that was still Death Cab, just a little more intricate. They will always be timeless though, and an important band to anyone who grew up in the early aughts. You can start singing "Soul Meets Body" practically anywhere and I'm sure, at least one person will finish the lyric you're singing.

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