Sunday, June 5, 2016

Love You to Death - First Impressions


Canadian pop rock duo Tegan and Sara just released their eighth studio album on June 3, Love You to Death. It's reminiscent to their 2013 effort, Heartthrob, which also happened to be the turning point in their career where they time traveled to the 80's and decided that was their thing now. I'm pro Tegan and Sara channeling the 80's but that doesn't mean that I also don't miss the emo talking-like-a-teen days of The Con and Sainthood. Still, these ladies took a huge chance essentially changing their notable sound completely and succeeding in this endeavor. Who knows if we'll get The Pros to the Con some day but if we don't, I'm okay with that. Because again, Tegan and Sara have released a really strong album still filled with passion and heart.

"That Girl" - "When did I become that girl?" - I think we all think that at one point, regardless of gender. This is definitely an opener song and it does well being just that.

"Faint of Heart" - Now we're getting to creative and interesting places - I really like their use of beats and the way the tempo of their song coincides. This song is a very good example of that; another one is "100x" but more on that later. I think the lyrics sound like one of the girls wrote this when they were first falling in love with someone and scared shitless. Because: "This love ain't made for the faint of heart/ When it's love, it's tough/ This love ain't made for the faint of heart/ Real love is tough."

"Boyfriend" - Definitely one of my favorites on the album and probably one of the strongest songs in their career - it does remind me of "Closer" but I think this one might be more of an accomplishment because of the different use of instrumentation and the tempo/lyrics ratio I mentioned before. That's what's cool about this new Tegan and Sara - they use synthesizers and other instruments in a very different way than most musicians who have been predominantly synthcentric throughout their career. Plus, this song is just catchy. I could have probably just wrote that and my paragraph would have been explained.

"Dying to Know" - Kind of a filler song. But still good.
EDIT 6/16/16: HA! I love how when I first heard this album, I said this about "Dying to Know". Definitely not a filler - now one of my favorite songs!

"Stop Desire" - Another "first falling in love with someone and scared shitless" song. The chorus kind of sounds a little Duran Duran like.

"White Knuckles" - This could have totally been a Pat Benatar song in 1984. Awesome emotional synth pop ballad.

"100x" - This is hands down my favorite song on the album. It's so good! The vocals backed with the music is just perfect. It's also cool how sometimes the background instruments get lower and very minimal so the lyrics can kind of speak for itself. And that "did-did to you" part is perfect. Also the "I swear I tried to tell you at least a million times a day" part - UGH. It's just so good. Just listen to it.

"BWU" - Here's some more info on this song that I found. I love the "Save your first and last dance for me, I don't need a white wedding" part. Very relatable for people who aren't really a big fan of marriage, even though at first listen, it does sound like a pro-wedding song.

"U-Turn" - Another really strong song on this album, "U-Turn" is definitely something that could come right from 1983 Tears for Fears. It could also be from a 90s teen comedy - it would be the featured song, with a music video featuring Melissa Joan Heart.

"Hang on to the Night" - Ah, it's a closer song! They decided to go that route - start with an opening song, end with a closing song. It tends to happen a lot. But when it's done well, it's good. And this one is definitely done well. Filled with introspection and emotions in the lyrics, the synth follows suit and ends this masterly crafted eighth studio album.

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