Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stuff and Things

- The Strokes are releasing a new EP, Future Past Present on June 3 that will also feature two new songs: "Oblivious" and "Drag Queen." Hear them here on Rolling Stone's website.

-Pop Punk band Modern Baseball are paving the way for concert safety by creating a help hotline for fans to use during their upcoming tour. They are encouraging fans to use it if they feel unsafe or need help at one of their shows - nice! More information and tour dates can be found by clicking here.

-Jay-Z finally has responded publicly to the accusations on wife Beyonce's newest effort Lemonade, about his marriage and fidelity. It can be found on a mix tape with French Montana HERE.
This whole Lemonade thing is fascinating to me. The fact that Beyonce, who is such a private public figure, just let that all out through her music, says a lot about how she views her music career and her approach to creating music in general. It's a perfect example of an artist being an artist because they just are one, not because it's their job. She created Lemonade because she wanted to and she wanted to get that stuff out - that's hardcore, especially being in the pop music industry.

-Spotify employee salaries have increased 158% (Yes, I'm serious! Look!) within the last 5 years and an average salary of a Spotify employee is $168,, WTF? Why are we all not working at Spotify?!

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