Saturday, March 19, 2016

Playlist Paragraphs: Emo and Pop-Punk Energy Boost [Apple Music]

Check out the playlist here!

1. "The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World
2. "Do You Still Hate Me?" - Jawbreaker
3. "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)" - Taking Back Sunday
4. "Dammit" - Blink 182
5. "Younger Us" - Japandroids
6. "I'm a Loner Dottie, a Rebel" - The Get Up Kids
7. "Shoulder to the Wheel" - Saves the Day
8. "Disconnected" - Face to Face
9. "Ocean Avenue" - Yellowcard
10. "The Good Life" - Weezer
11. "Careful" - Paramore
12. "Passing Through a Screen Door" - The Wonder Years
13. "Roots Radical" - Rancid
14. "Dead!" - My Chemical Romance
15. "Cut the Tension" - Lifetime
16. "B is for Bethlehem" - The Promise Ring
17. "Alive with the Glory of Love" - Say Anything
18. "2000 Light Years Away" - Green Day

This is a great mix of old, new, commercial, indie and who the hell are they? Probably the newest band on this mix are The Wonder Years, a Pennsylvania pop punk band that is so pop punk, sometimes you can't even fathom it. Some bands where I was like, "who the hell are they?" include Japandroids (actually, not that bad, pretty thrashy though for pop punk) - they're a duo from Canada who are still an active band but haven't released anything since 2012. Also Lifetime - New Jersey pop punk at it's finest who actually disbanded in the late 90's - so they were definitely before my interest in pop punk - they broke up in 1997, I was still listening to Hanson, The Spice Girls and the occasional Beatles song here and there. They sound kind of like Bad Religion and Minor Threat or Millencolin mixed together. On a side note, Apple Music always has the weirdest playlists - it's become a joke between my boyfriend and I to share what comes up on our "recommended playlists". This one comes up a lot on mine, if you must know. This might not be too random, but trust me there are others where you're like, "what the actual fuck?" Part of the reason why I started this blog series in the first place.

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