Saturday, August 15, 2015

Young the Giant

Thanks to my Apple Music subscription, I've been listening to a lot of Young the Giant recently, a 5 piece from Irvine, CA. signed to Fueled by Ramen records (surprisingly. They don't seem like a typical FBR band). I've always loved their singles and "Apartment" is probably my best cover I can play on guitar. But recently, I've been listening to their entire discography and there's something there I didn't notice before. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia might be one of my favorite vocalists, in terms of timbre but I haven't decided if that's because I'm really into their music right now - time will tell.

They have two albums out, their first being their self titled and Mind Over Matter, which just released in 2014. Here's a song off of their sophomore album, "It's About Time":

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