Friday, July 31, 2015

People I Can't Stand at Concerts

So I've gone to a lot of concerts and seen a lot of live music in my lifetime. It's just something I enjoy and I make a point to do it whenever I can. I try to be a responsible, respectful and aware concert go-er. Unfortunately, not everyone tries to be and when I say not everyone, I mean hardly anyone. At least that's how I feel. It's very rare when I see someone actually apologizing for running into another person or actually realizing that they did it in the first place. It seems like some people think that being in a crowd of people gives them the opportunity to be an asshole without any thought or consequence. Sure, a bouncer will kick people out if they're really being a pest, I just went to the Interpol show at Upstate Concert Hall on Wednesday night and the bouncers sure were busy getting hot messes out of there. For some reason, Interpol brings out the alcohol consumption in people, who knew. But there are other people who aren't drunk that are still assholes - they don't even have the excuse that they're drunk! And they're not as overt as some people in the crowd who are even more problematic, so it doesn't get dealt with. Here are a few concert go-er's I see all the time that I just CAN'T EVEN anymore:

The person dancing when there's no room to dance.
Don't get me wrong, I love dancing and I don't knock anyone for dancing at a concert. But when you're at a sold out show and the crowd is packed in the venue like a case of sardines, that's when I have an issue with you. Obviously, you can't dance at this show. There are way too many people and you knocking into others around you with your arms and legs in the air is not appropriate. Look around you and stop. It's hindering the experience for other people, like you care though.

The really really tall people fist pumping and not looking down to see if they could potentially elbow you in the face.
Um, yeah, hey guy up there, that's great you're digging the music but your elbow is like, 2 inches away from my nose whenever you bring your arm down during the fist pumping motion. So please look before you fist pump. Which brings me to my next person...

Really really tall people.
How tall did you say you were, 6 feet? Oh, that's great! Genes have been really good to you. But guess what? I'm 5'3" and I'd like to also see the concert. You know, the one I traveled and paid for. I mean everyone has the right to a really good spot - I'm not saying tall people should be banished from the front of the crowd but if you see someone really short, don't just rush into the crowd and stand right in front of them. You have to know that you're not see through, right?

People who are in the front that always have to excuse themselves and come back to their spot.
You know the type. The one who you have to move for about 10 times during the opener because they have to go to the bathroom, they have to get a drink, they have to go to the merch table, etc. but they want to keep their spot up front so they'll keep going through the crowd and coming back to the front to squish themselves in (because you know someone already took their spot, so they're just going to MAKE a spot for them - GREAT.)

The people who barge into the crowd and stand right next to you, almost on top of you, until you move because they want your spot.
Hey, guess what? There's no room for you here. I had this spot first and just because you're too close for comfort doesn't mean I'm moving. I have moved in the past but now I know better and I see them coming from a mile away. Now, I just stand there. In fact, I lean against them to annoy THEM. Then THEY'RE the ones that leave and victory is mine!!!

The people who bump into or hit you and don't even apologize. What the hell.
When I was at the Interpol show, there was a girl who bumped into me and actually said she was sorry. I was shocked. I didn't even mind that she bumped into me. Please re-affirm my faith in humanity and bump into me again just so you can apologize and recognize that thing you just did. Actually, here's a story: the last time I saw Taking Back Sunday, the show was PACKED. Like fire hazard packed. And there was a girl next to me and my boyfriend who had a really shitty neighbor on the other side of her. He kept bumping into her, hitting her, almost spilling his drink on her. So when he went up to the front to "mosh" or whatever the kids these days call it, she straight up punched him in the back multiple times. HARD. The funny thing is, he didn't even look back! That's how accepted this behavior is at concerts. It didn't even faze him. She then turned to me and my boyfriend and very intensely said, "I know A LOT of cops. If he comes over here again I'm calling them and they'll be here in minutes!" ALRIGHT LADY. But it was still bad ass.

So yeah, next time you're at a concert, I know mistakes happen but I only ask that you please be aware of your surroundings. The band isn't just playing for you.

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