Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Concerts 2015: Best Coast and Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World

Since I'm seeing a lot of concerts this summer - way more than normal - I'm going to update every month what shows I went to and write about them a little bit. First up is Best Coast and Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World!

June 12: Best Coast @ Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
Opening Act: Bully

Best Coast tend to be more impressive to me live than their album recordings, so Bethany and Bobb certainly didn't disappoint. They played a nice mix of new songs from California Nights and older songs from The Only Place and Crazy for You. Embedded is a video of them playing one of my favorites from their new album, "Jealousy". Seeing Best Coast performing live, you get a less polished, more raw sound than they usually produce on their albums. Definitely  worth checking them out if they play around your area.

The opening band, Bully, blew me away. It's not often that an opener can compete with the headliner but Bully made it worth getting to the venue earlier. It was the first time I heard them. Their debut album on Columbia Records, Feels Like, just came out this Tuesday. After researching them on the internet, I realize now they've had buzz for a while, especially from the hipster music figurehead, Pitchfork. However, they're better than the flavor of the week Pitchfork tends to produce these days. They have an early 90's rock vibe, lead singer, head lyricist and Feels Like producer Alicia Bognanno sounding like a female Kurt Cobain. Very honest lyrics, very raw, rock n' roll sound. I hope these guys go far. Here's their single from the album, "Trying":

June 22: Jim Adkins (from Jimmy Eat World) @ BSP Kingston - Kingston, NY 
Opening Act: Frank McGinnis
 When I saw where this was, I had to find more sources to check if this was actually happening in Kingston and if it really was the Jim Adkins I'm thinking of! No offense to Kingston but bands usually don't play there, they'll go to Poughkeepsie or Albany instead. Kingston also is only an hour away from me so we didn't have to travel the extra 40 minutes to Poughkeepsie this time, which was nice. The venue was very small but not small enough to where it was cramped. The opener was a local singer/songwriter who did well and had some promise. Jim Adkins came on shortly after and played a lot of covers ("Girls Just Want to Have Fun"!!!) and music from Jimmy Eat World's catalog. He actually played one of my FAVORITE Jimmy Eat World songs ever that I feel is also very underrated, "Polaris" from Futures. He also played some songs from Clarity, which was also a pleasant surprise. I saw Jimmy Eat World for the first time last summer when they played around Albany and they were stellar. Jim Adkins didn't disappoint solo either. It was a really small show and very intimate. For a performer like Jim Adkins that puts his entire self into a show (seriously, if you've seen them live, do you see how much he sweats?! I mean, not like that's a bad thing and I sweat a lot too when it's hot but damn dude, you are working it!) it's a great way to see him live. Adkins has to be one of my favorite song writers of all time and an amazing performer. Definitely go if you get the chance to see him or Jimmy Eat World!

That's all for now...July is going to be a much longer post - I'm going to 4 shows (Say Anything, Weird Al Yankovic, Interpol, and Motion City Soundtrack). All while running a Summer Reading Program at a very busy public library. Am I insane or just dedicated? We'll find out this summer!

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