Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Cycling Instructor's Playlist

So lately I've been going to cycling classes and today I was reflecting on why I like it so much:

-It's a good workout, so it fulfills that requirement.
-Endorphins and all that fun stuff.
-It's not social. When I'm conducting in physical activity at a strenuous level, don't talk to me! In cycling, you can't really talk because you have to listen to the instructor and the music can be on the loud side. Fine by me.
-Which brings me to my last reason and my most recent observation: the music!

I think the fact that the classes always have music and instructors are the ones that pick the songs, is interesting to me. I'm always curious what the instructor will pick. What genres are they into? What's their favorite song at the moment? This stuff fascinates me. And I have to say, there are times where I pick instructors based on their music choices. "Oh, the Saturday one picks a lot of Keith Urban. I'll go to the Sunday class instead..." If only they knew there are people that do this.

Here are some songs my favorite cycling instructors play:

Iggy Azalea ft. Jennifer Hudson, "Trouble"
I'm pretty sure every damn cycling instructor at the cycling gym I go to have played this in their class. It wasn't even really on my radar until I kept hearing it during class. It's a good song to exercise to, it's very "girl power".

Foo Fighters, "The Pretender"
Many of you know how much I love the Foo Fighters and this is one of my favorite songs by them. They usually like to play this towards the end, when everyone is tired and can hardly see because sweat is in your eyes. It certainly gets me pumped and gives me an energy boost to finish the next song or so.

Selena Gomez ft. Zedd "I Want You to Know"(Oh, excuse me Zedd ft. Selena Gomez. Even though Selena Gomez sings throughout the entire song and Zedd just DJ's in the background. I can't stand that 'trend' of crediting the DJ before the singer. Like, why not credit guitar players, drummers, etc. before the singer then? ANYWAY...)

The Weeknd "Earned It"
Okay. Yes, I like this song. What I DO hate about it, is that it's affiliated with "50 Shades of Grey". Someone as respectable as Toronto born and bread Abel Tesfaye (otherwise known as The Weeknd,) should not be affiliated with that. But it's a great song and I've stopped trying to deny that fact. They usually play this for a "climb" - when you're supposed to pretend you're actually climbing a hill but instead you're just turning a knob to increase the resistance and you're still on a stationary bike. But whatever, I like doing it and it kicks my ass.

Imagine Dragons, "I Bet My Life"
Oh hey, remember these guys? I liked them. Or do I still like them? The instructors sure do because they play this like it's their job...but it kind of is, though. Anyway, Imagine Dragons - I want to like them but they're getting what I like to call "The Fray Syndrome". That song "How to Save a Life" by The Fray, released in 2009? Yeah, it was awesome until Grey's Anatomy and every damn car company got the rights to it and played the crap out of it to sell their product. It just became that song that had a super sappy positive message and then beat you over the head with it. Those two combinations don't exactly mix with me. I'm all for positivity but there's only so many songs like this I can take. And after "How to Save a Life," it became The Fray's THING. Well, that's now what Imagine Dragons are to me - these positive, uplifting ballads are now their THING. "It's Time," "Radioactive," "Demons," now this?! All great songs but they were great the last 100 times I've heard them. Let's move on and write a song about something else, shall we? Because you're way more talented than this and way more talented to get "The Fray Syndrome".
For now, I will say that I approve of this song though, especially because Dane Dehaan is in the music video and get it.


For some reason unbeknownst to me, the internet decided to post videos of Beyonce dancing to music other than hers...and people realized the dance and beat actually work with a lot of songs. It's pretty hilarious!

Billboard posted a few of the videos here, my favorite probably being the "Run the World (Girls)" video dubbed with a church choir song.

Another one that they didn't mention...the "Single Ladies" dance to the Duck Tales theme! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hey I'm Still Here/New Albums to Check Out (or not check out)

Hey! Remember me!? Sorry for the lack of postage lately but my job gets really hectic in the warmer months and my personal life in general has been really busy. BUT here are some albums that just came out that I either have opinions on or I think you should give a listen to - I'll elaborate later if I need to:

- Twenty One Pilots Blurryface - I have to say, I'm surprised with this album...and not pleasantly necessarily. It's an interesting effort and I get what Tyler and Josh were trying to create but I'm not sure if it works for them very well. I still support and love them but this album was strike two for me. In case you were wondering, the first strike was when they came to my area for a show and they were awesome live, albeit total dicks to the people that worked at the venue (one of the sound guys works at the library with me,) so that was pretty crappy of them. ANYWAY...

-Matt & Kim New Glow- Matt & Kim have been the same damn thing for a while...but I like the same damn thing and it works for them. From what I've heard of this, it's another energy fun filled dance party, like they always deliver. Like I've said before, if you do what you do well and you like the music you're creating, sometimes you don't have to change it up as much as people think you should.

-Best Coast California Nights- I'm very torn about this record. You all know how much I love Bethany and Bobb but something just doesn't feel right about this record. Last night, I was actually talking to my boyfriend about it and he said, "it just sounds way too over-produced for what the songs are. And the drumming is weird." And then that got me thinking, you know what, the drumming IS weird. I think that could be a factor as to why it sounds off to me. I know they usually hire session drummers since there is no official drummer of Best Coast and I think whoever they hired, was not the right fit. Key tracks are "In My Eyes" and "Jealousy" - they sound like Crazy for You Best Coast. Only if that album had way more instruments and less reverb. That's another gripe I have - I get it if Bethany and Bobb don't want to use reverb anymore - it's their music first and foremost and they can do what they want with it but they taunt their fans a lot..."maybe we'll use reverb again someday, maybe not!" I hate that! Anyway, it's a little all over the place but this album is worth a listen...because it's Best Coast and I'm obviously going to at least recommend you give it a try.

-Another interesting factoid I have to share is about one of my musical loves for life, Mr. Frank Turner. He's announced that his new album is called Positive Songs for Negative People. I love it. He's also released a lyric video for his first single, "Get Better". Here's more info about that as well as the lyric video. It should be coming out some time this year.