Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First Impressions: Ryan Adams, Blue Light (April 2015)

Ryan Adams has been running with this whole "I own a label and can release basically anything I want," thing and releasing a single a month on iTunes. You can also buy a 7" record of the song on his label's website, PaxAM. I really like the throwback to the single - as people have said in the past, the single has been kind of dead for a couple of years and it's a nice tradition to keep. Here's a first impression of his latest single, "Blue Light" which also features 2 other songs.

"Blue Light": This is very Love is Hell or Rock N Roll(if it had more electric guitar). It also reminds me of a single he released before this "Do You Laugh When You Lie?"

"All My Life": I actually think I like this song the better than "Blue Light". The guitar builds the finish very well along with Adams delivery of the lyrics. It sounds more Ryan to me than the other songs.

"I Lost My Fucking Mind": We're very blunt, aren't we, DRA (David Ryan Adams, fans call him this)?! People have said to me before they can hear The Cure's influence in this song and I can kind of see it but honestly, The Cure and Ryan Adams are like apples and oranges to me. Both really great but nothing alike. The way he says "I lost my mind" and "I lost my fucking mind" really lets you know he means it. And I would probably believe him even if he didn't sound genuine.

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