Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Drummers and Why I Love Them

So Sunday was the day I saw Sleater-Kinney in the flesh for the first and probably only time I will have the opportunity and they were amazing! I mean, I know every show review I've read about them says they're great live but I always like to reserve my opinions after I actually experience it. One of the thoughts I took away from the show was, "holy shit, Janet Weiss is on point!"

She is seriously the one beat (oh! Ya see what I did there?) of Sleater-Kinney. She's the glue that's keeping everything together. In fact, here's a video from the show so you can see what I mean (hopefully I won't get in trouble for uploading this onto the internet):
Weiss and her amazingness made me think of how impressed I usually am of a good drummer. You know why? It doesn't happen very often. I think a lot of times people who form bands focus too much on the guitar, the lyrics, the voice and kind of forget about the rhythm section. While all of those aspects of a band are also important, the drummer is what makes a band stand out from everyone else, especially live. A lot of bands can play guitar and make great songs but having a good drummer is becoming the exception these days.

So when you see a band live, notice how the beat is being kept. Look out for the good drummers.

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