Sunday, January 18, 2015

No Cities to Love - First Impressions

Like I said last week, No Cities to Love, Sleater-Kinney's eighth studio album and first in a decade since 2005's The Woods, is on NPR's First Listen and available for streaming. The album releases this Tuesday so in honor of that, I thought I would give my initial reactions to all of the new songs because why not?

"Price Tag" This is a key track. I love the change in tempo mid-song and I also really like the use of piano (I think it's piano?) in the background. Also very good song for Janet Weiss (drummer) - she commands that rhythm section like it's her own (and actually, it is, since they have no bass player...)

"Fangless" When I hear this song, I think of two words: ONE BEAT. This song could easily be on One Beat. And speaking of, my favorite Sleater-Kinney album used to be Call the Doctor but recently within the past year, it's all about One Beat. Also, this article about One Beat from Stereogum is awesome.

"Surface Envy" "We win, we loose. Only together, do we make the rules." Yeah, that sounds about right.

"No Cities to Love" Oh, this could easily be on The Hot Rock or All Hands on the Bad One. It's late 90's Sleater-Kinney. Plus, I love it when Carrie sings. I also love how she says "no ci-TAYS to love" in the chorus! Also, um, THIS LYRIC: "I went it through the thought of you/ I went it through the void of me/ I've grown afraid of everything that I love". Love it.

"A New Wave" Another song that really stands out for me. They just performed this flawlessly on David Letterman last Thursday night. Great chorus and great guitar tit-for-tat from Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker.

"No Anthems" Oh, this sounds very dark, very Call the Doctor. Plus, Tucker's diction in this song sounds a lot like the self titled song from that album, or even "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone".

"Gimmie Love" One of my favorites. The "gimmie love, gimmie love" part???? Man, can they write.

"Burry Our Friends" This was the song that was included in their remastered discography box set, Start Together, they released in October. It was on a 7" record that was also released as a single. It's a solid song, love the chorus and the feel of it. Also very Call the Doctor.

"Hey Darling" Oh, it's kind of like this album's "Modern Girl"!

"Fade" Good. But it's no "Jenny". No, really in all honesty, this is a good song. "Jenny" is definitely the feeling I get from this. I do really like the middle of it when they get all trippy though.

So yeah, get this album when it comes out! And if you haven't listened to any other Sleater-Kinney, do that immediately. Like, why are you even reading this still? Go right now and start with Call the Doctor and One Beat.

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