Sunday, November 9, 2014

Swiftamine, I needs it.

A couple weeks ago, Saturday Night Live confirmed that I wasn't the only one who feels this way about Taylor Swift. There are many people out there who are like, "ugh, is this really Taylor Swift? Why is she so good?" The answer to that question usually is, I just don't know but that girl is a pop song writing factory and 1989 is no exception to this.

I first started really noticing her music when Speak Now came out. Before then, she was a little too Country for my taste. Speak Now was a pivotal album for her regarding her sound and her first huge commercial success. It sold 12 million copies worldwide and went seven times platinum. It's very rare these days for an artist to even go platinum, let alone seven times!

Anyway, I wanted to talk more about 1989, her newest album that's without question, the most different from her catalog. It's funny, when she was going around saying to everyone she's a "pop" artist now, I thought to myself, "girl, you've been pop for a long time now!" but now I get what she meant. It's not that she's wasn't always pop (because she totally was, the only difference is that the production had a little more country twang to her songs and Speak Now and Red were just softer sounding than 1989,) it was that her sound was going to be more of what you would typically consider pop - basically using pro tools more and her acoustic guitar less. Ya know, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, that kind of stuff. More dancey. The difference is, they're dancey and Swift went more creativey and synthy. 1989 sounds like it could come straight out of the new wave era. Both songs she starts her album with, "Welcome to New York" and "Blank Space" are perfect examples:

Taylor Swift - Welcome To New York by musicandother2014

Taylor Swift - Blank Space by aBzzzMedia

Rob Sheffield wrote a review of 1989 for Rolling Stone. Read it here. I pretty much agree with all of it, as usual, because Rob Sheffield is amazing.

Basically, go Taylor Swift for trying something new. I wouldn't call this selling out, as I'm sure some people reading this or anything else about Swift, would think. She's stepping outside of the box creatively and that's something any music fan can appreciate, I think. That's the reason why I think people gravitate so much to Taylor Swift. She is who she is, regardless if you want to punch her in the face with her perfect blonde curls and floral sundresses. She's in the business for the right reasons, and doesn't mind dating a One Direction member here or there, either. That's why you need Swiftamine...things like 1989 show you she's really trying to do something she thinks is special. The fact that she does it her way and is involved in most of the control of her career is pretty admirable in this era of pop music...damnit.

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