Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let's talk about Blink 182 for a Second, Shall We?

First of all, what the hell is this? It sounds a little like Blink 182. You can totally hear Travis Barker's unmistakable drumming in the background but...no! They must be Blink imposters.

Yeah, that's it. Imposters.

No? This is Blink's NEW single, "Up All Night" from their new album that they've been working on for like, three years now?


Are you sure?

Cause it's really bad!

And no, I'm not going to pull a "they sound like Angels and Airwaves" argument which seems to be what a lot of people have been saying about it, from what I've been reading on the internets. Which I totally get, but it's not the heavy AVA influence that bugs me the most, it's the fact that it seems like they just aren't trying...or they just don't care anymore. The nonchalant-ness is just seething through the speakers as I listen to it. If you don't care, why get back together? Just let us have our Tales from Beneath Your Mom stories and our internet rants about how they were so good when we were 14 and how they should get back together (of course, we wouldn't have known what the product of that would be in a perfect world).


Are you really sure that's Blink? Like, cross your heart? I don't want to believe it.

In honor of them sucking, here's one of my favorites, "Josie":

This is also pre-Tom not being a douche bag and that's quite refreshing, don't you think? Sometimes I forget that he wasn't.

And I know I was pretty mean but they need some tough love, I think. Cause they totally read this blog.


  1. Hi-larious, Stephanie. What a great review!

  2. LOL, let's agree to disagree. I love this song, especially because I think it represents where they're at right now - not just as musicians, but as dads and guys on the cusp of turning 40. I'm actually relieved they aren't singing about the things that made them famous. (They still talk pretty raunchy in concert, though. I saw them last year, and they still know how to have fun.)

    But one thing we can definitely agree on is that Tom is a grade-A douche. I tried meeting him at this little Macbeth concert thing in a meet and greet line, and the fool walked right by me without as much as a kind glance. D'oh.