Monday, March 7, 2011

News on Of Montreal, The Strokes, etc.

May is creeping up pretty quickly and that only means one thing to me: graduation. So I'm totally doing that "I'll never get a job and I'm just going to be a failure, why can't I just be Rob Sheffield already?!" thing to myself and then I realized that I need to update this damn blog...because then I'll never be Rob Sheffield.

Anyway, remember when I posted about Of Montreal's new EP? Apparently, with that EP, they're also releasing an Art book called "What's Weird?" (Kevin Barnes and this new direction Of Montreal is taking, that's what.)

The Strokes performed on SNL last Saturday with host Miley Cyrus. Unfortunately, the inevitable "Miley Cyrus Show" skit was lack-luster, I was really excited for an epic showdown between Vanessa Bayer's hilarious impression of Miley and the "salvia" scenester herself. They performed two songs, "Under Cover of Darkness" and "Life Is Simple in the Moonlight," from their upcoming album and probably the most anticipated comeback of 2011 (in the alternative rock genre at least,) Angles. I'm really hoping for a successful comeback for this band. I pretty much thought they were long gone, it seemed like they were just one of those bands who did great work during their time (excluding First Impressions of Earth, of course,) and were very influential but disbanded so soon because the band knew they were finished with their work together and were ready to do new things (Albert Hammond Jr. especially, it seemed). There didn't seem to be any regrets or nostalgic feelings about it either, from any band members. So for me, it was a big surprise but also a pleasant one.
These songs aren't bad but not the best they can do. However, I'm starting to like them more and more as I listen so maybe it'll turn out to be THAT kind of album for me. I'm hoping for the best. Watch their performances here:

In other news, another member of Interpol bites the dust (what's going on, guys!?) and Broken Bells are releasing a new EP later this month!

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