Sunday, February 6, 2011

What happened last week...

- On Wednesday, The White Stripes decided that they wanted to pull a publicity stunt and announce their break-up. I mean, really. Everyone knows they're going to make at least one more album together whether it be three days or three years from now. To me, Jack White just seems like the type of person who needs variety and needs to play and experiment music with other people or else he gets a little bored. That might be how he is in general, which is probably why his relationships, including his marriage with Meg, didn't work out so well. Speaking of Jack's relationships, I discovered a couple weeks ago that Karen Elson is trying to have a music career. Um, what?! Anyway...
It could also be the fact that he tends to have these stages where he becomes obsessed with one particular female musician and has to create with that person at that moment. Maybe. Personally, I think he should just stop wasting his time with The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather and focus on The White Stripes. I think that's where his creativity and talent is displayed the best. All I know is, I'm really going to miss this if they really are gone:
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- James Murphy unfortunately is disbanding LCD Soundsystem! And if you're asking yourself, "are you serious?!" Yes, dead serious. Sad day. Murphy's reasoning is so that he can take more opportunities to work with other people he wouldn't be able to otherwise due to his obligations to LCD Soundsystem. Whatever.

- Atmosphere announced they will be releasing a new album this April titled The Family Sign.

- Those are pretty much all the highlights I can think of. I'll be back with a song review within the next couple of days, I promise! And on an unrelated personal note, The National and Best Coast are my newest music obsessions. Who knew The National was so amazing? Err...I guess...everyone, actually? Definitely not what I expected. Once again, I was very very late with that one.

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