Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12/50: The Beatles "I'll Follow the Sun"

50 Songs in 50 Days
The Beatles "I'll Follow the Sun"

If you're not in the Northeast or the mid-west today, consider yourself lucky. I've been snowed in all day and will be tomorrow as well however it does give me some time to rediscover some songs that I haven't listened to in a while, one of them being The Beatles "I'll Follow the Sun" (Good segue, right?). You might already know this but, I'm pretty much one of those "The Beatles can do no wrong and if you don't like them it's just because you're jealous" kind of fans, so expect more songs by them being chosen for this project in the future. "I'll Follow the Sun" is one of those gems that was an underground favorite amongst hardcore Beatles fans from the US in the 60's, the song only appearing on the UK's release Beatles for Sale, until it became accessible to the American masses on Beatles '65 (which strangely enough, released in 1964...how does that work?!).
Anyway, despite the fact that it hasn't been a song that only the secretive Cavern Club society knows about and has therefore lost it's enigmatic aspect to it for quite some time now, it's still a fan favorite because of the simple fact that it's a really good song! Even though it was recorded way back in the day, (it's unknown when it was initially written/performed however, the earliest recording of it is 1960,) it definitely mirror's the sound they had during the time it became popular, 1965, right before Help!, Revolver and Rubber Soul, personally my favorite time for the group. Right in between kitschy-"I wanna hold your hand"-Ed Sullivan Show-matching outfits Beatles and taking LSD-Hare Krishna-long hair-straggly beards-"Helter Skelter" Beatles. A very good time in Beatles history indeed.

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  1. Great song :)

    (one of those beatles fans who smiles everytime they find another beatle fan...even though they are literally everywhere)