Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8/50: Jenny and Johnny "Big Wave" / 9/50: Say Anything "Cemetery"

50 Songs in 50 Days
Jenny and Johnny "Big Wave"

I just started listening to Jenny and Johnny and yes, I know I'm really late on this! Their debut collaborative album, I'm Having Fun Now, released August 31 to steadily mediocre reviews. But "Big Wave" is definitely something special within this twelve track so-so hipster song fest. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, there is "My Pet Snakes" and "Scissor Runner." It's basically a Rilo Kiley song and who doesn't love that? The only thing that sucks about this song is Johnathan Rice. Jenny, on the other hand, can never do any wrong. However, get ready for this because I'm only complimenting Johnathan Rice once, his voice with Jenny's DOES fuse very nicely and can sound at times almost as one voice, which is pretty cool. I guess.

Say Anything "Cemetery"

This song shows a more serious side of Say Anything and Max Bemis: the romantic! Who knew!? Anyway, I know a lot of people have beef with Say Anything, I don't really know why that is but they've always been one of my favorite bands, at least in my top ten. I feel like they're what a goth band from the 80's would be if they existed right now, with a little bit of the "beat generation" mentality. (I know that obviously their music sounds nothing like that and people are probably looking at their computer screen in shock but if you listen to their lyrics and read a little about Max Bemis, I think you'll know what I'm saying.) Bemis' wife Sherri Dupree of the band Eisley, joins him on vocals making this song even more romantically morbid.

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