Saturday, January 15, 2011

6/50: Madonna "Ray of Light"

50 Songs in 50 Days
Madonna "Ray of Light"

I'm usually not into the "diva" music. You know, Whitney Houston, Cher, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion...but I have always had a little soft spot for Madonna. What I really like about her as opposed to the other "divas" I mentioned is she isn't fake...she has that comportment that says, "Yeah, I'm Madonna, just doin' my thing, what of it?" Her Ray of Light stage has always been my favorite Madonna stage and I feel that it's a very underrated one in her music career...everyone just can't get enough of 80's Madonna, it seems! Which I guess I can understand to a degree, I mean, Desperately Seeking Susan? Brilliant. I got that. But Ray of Light Madonna was so much more creative, mature and she seemed very at peace and secure not only with herself, but with her music as well. Ray of Light, released in 1998, also received the most critical acclaim Madonna has ever gotten in her career. Take that, 80's Madonna!
Anyway, this song embodies Ray of Light Madonna perfectly. I also can't help but love the video, (embedded above,) commenting on the fast paced, sometimes unfulfilled lifestyles people live. And the message the song conveys is very important yet very matter-of-fact - that people, society, emotions and pretty much anything life throws at us can move quicker than a ray of light and before you know it, it's done. Existential post over.

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  1. Oh, thank goodness! I've been hiding my fondness for this song (and album) for years. I admit I haven't listen to it in a while. Maybe I might dig it up. Again, thank you!