Monday, January 10, 2011

1/50: Neon Trees "1983"

50 Songs in 50 Days
Neon Trees "1983"

Neon Trees' second single "1983" off their major label debut, Habits, is pretty much "Animal: Part Two" (both having almost the same introduction, listen for it,) but is a great single nonetheless. I first heard Neon Trees on the radio, of all places. It's a shame how unusual it is now to discover new music on the radio but sometimes, I guess it can still happen. (Perhaps we need more radio stations like this one. They aren't perfect but pretty much the best local radio station I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.) I'm glad I listened to Neon Trees before I actually saw what the band looked like because honestly, I would have probably thought they were trying to hard and immediately would have been turned off. (Here's a gem for your viewing pleasure. Just a suggestion, shave the mohawk! Some people can pull it off, he unfortunately can not.)
Anyway, I excuse their "trying to be 80's but not succeeding" look however, because they are talented as fuck. There's really no other way to put it. Tyler Glenn is probably one of the most talented singers fronting an alternative rock band right now and drummer Elaine Bradley is very impressive as well. "1983" lyrically is a love song but can also be interpreted as an homage to the 80's, especially in the chorus, "Me and you/You and me/
Let's go back/Let's go back/1983 is calling/I've been on my knees and crawlin'/Back to you/It's coming all back to me" and the video, embedded above, will also attest to that interpretation. For some reason, I feel like this song would thrive even more had it been released as a single in the Summer, it seems like one of those anthems you would never be able to get away from (Oh hey, "California Gurls"). Overall, this song is pretty much impossible to hate. I'm really hoping that Neon Trees' next album will make it past the sophomore slump because they have a lot of staying power and are ridiculously talented musicians. The only thing about them that doesn't have staying power, if anything, would be Tyler Glenn's mohawk...once again, ya know, just a suggestion!

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