Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vampire Weekend being Sued by Mysterious Contra Girl

When Contra came out, I know that I was curious about the lovely Funny Games-esque lady on the cover of Vampire Weekend's second LP. Who was she? A girlfriend? A sister? A friend? After some research however, I found out that the band unfortunately had no idea who she was. No mystery about the mysterious Contra girl was revealed:

"We know where the image came from, but we're not being very specific about her. We don't know her or anything," Koenig said. "The picture is from 1983, but the last album cover was from 2006, and they kind of look like they both inhabit the same world. When we saw this image, we just found it very striking. And part of it is the look on her face. It's not about the color of her hair, or the fact that she's wearing a Polo shirt. What makes it interesting is her face."

Well, Ezra, maybe you should have known who she was! At least, you know, get her name and ask if it's cool they use the picture. Because now the band is being sued by mysterious Contra girl...for two million dollars. The Tripwire gives us and Vampire Weekend some legal advice on the matter here: LINK!