Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crystal Castles

Today I leave you with a little Crystal Castles, an electronic duo from Toronto.

Alice Glass is *this* close to being on my list of awesome female lead singers. And that's a short/exclusive (lol) list!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

False Priest Leak: A Message from Kevin Barnes

Lead singer of Athens, Georgia's Of Montreal, Kevin Barnes, released this statement on their myspace today regarding the leak of their upcoming release, False Priest:

"False Priest - Please Wait!

Please do not listen to the leaked version of False Priest. Some “enthusiastic” person allowed people to listen over Skype to an advance copy he somehow got his hands on, and then one of those people recorded the live stream, and that is the version of the album that has “leaked”. It would be unfortunate enough for False Priest to leak this early, but it’s made even worse by the fact that its an extremely low rez version that is now floating around. Please be patient and wait a couple more months, I promise you it will be worth it.

P.S. This is not a call for someone to leak a better quality version of the album, just thought I should add that:-)"

And I was just talking about Gaslight Anthem's leak recently too! Totally sucks when a good band's album gets leaked way too soon.


So Akron, Ohio's The Black Keys (who also are awesome,) have a side project going on called Blakroc, a collaboration between the duo and rap artists such as Mos Def, Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA, and Ludacris. Just listening to the album now and it's a very creative, unique thing they've done with this side project. Definitely recommended. Also recommended, The Black Keys' new disc, Brothers!

Since the best site for music blogs ever, has shut down, I can't post any more music to go with posts but here are their websites: BLAKROC BLACK KEYS

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm back!

Hey guys! So I passed all my summer classes and finally have some down time! I might have to post a hiatus for a little while when I'm in ~*the Mediterranean in August (that's right! I'm going to Italy, Croatia and Greece!) but I'll see if I can blog once or twice from the cruise ship. I really hate to post a hiatus and Mark S. Luckie from 10,000 Words (Love this blog! Reppin' 10,000 Words,) strongly advises not to do this but sometimes life and an actual job gets in the way. :(

Anyway...let's recap on some things that happened while I was metaphorically tearing my hair out, trying to make a website and searching databases for the best biography on Edgar Allen Poe (Yes, I actually had to do that for my summer classes...)

Notable albums that came out:
-Against Me! White Crosses...Eh. I have to say while I think that Tom Gabel and Andrew Seward really should have thought about harmonizing a long time ago because they're really awesome at it, the song aren't as strong as they could and should be. And my biggest qualm with this album...NO SMOKER VOICE!!! I almost feel that it shouldn't even be considered an actual Against Me! album without Tom Gabel's signature smoker voice. And for the record, I don't think I'm usually harsh on them because I'm an old school Against Me! fan (Reinventing Axl Rose, As the Eternal Cowboy old school...not exactly Vivida Vis! old school but then again, who was? Tom Gabel even admits that.) I actually liked New Wave and defended it to many old school Against Me! fans who felt that they "sold out." I'm not a huge fan of using the term "selling out," I personally think it's kind of a loaded term and very judgmental, but if I had to use it, I would say White Crosses is selling out WAY more than New Wave. Once again, NO SMOKER VOICE. UNBELIEVABLE!

-The Gaslight Anthem American Slang Wow, this came out June 14?! What a bad break for Gaslight Anthem, this album leaked like, months ago. I always feel really bad when an album leaks way too soon for a really good band like this. Anyway, not as good as The '59 Sound for me but this is a pretty solid album. (Key track: "Boxer"!)

-Eminem Recovery Wow...this came out of nowhere, didn't it? I thought after Encore, Eminem was pretty much over but then I heard "Love the Way You Lie" with Rihanna, (his first single off this album,) and decided to give Recovery a listen. This is definitely going back to Marshall Mathers-Eminem Show and while I kind of miss his bleach blonde Slim Shady LP persona, this will do. This album really shows that Eminem still has it.

-3OH!3 Streets of Gold Here's where 3OH!3 went wrong with this album: they took themselves waaaay too seriously. Because the music industry pretty much tricked 3OH!3 into thinking that they were actually serious rap artists, Want will be dust in the wind and their only solid album.

Other News:

-The Red Hot Chili Peppers are going back to the studio to record their 10th studio album. LINK

-Katy Perry is hosting the Teen Choice Awards on August 8! Way to follow in your future husband's footsteps, girl!

-And just putting it out there, really excited for Brandon Flowers' Flamingo! "Crossfire" is my jam! I encourage you all to have a listen.