Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling like...I'm changing the perception of Pop Music.

This might be quite the controversial post but, seriously, I think Ke$ha and Lady Gaga are changing pop music for the better. That's right. I think they're the shit!* And here's why:

1. Their Style: I could probably write an entire book on Lady Gaga's fashion sense alone but I'll try to keep this short. Gaga looks like she came from outer space and a lot of people say it's a gimmick (which it probably is, even though she doesn't need it,) but when is the last time you saw someone dress like that? "Christina Aguilera at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday! Bazinga! Oh wait..." That's right, I'm calling you out, Xtina. Hokey or not, Lady Gaga has created a completely original look for herself that no one has ever done before (although sometimes she can get a little Madonna-ish...Exhibit A,) and that I can respect.
Ke$ha's style is also very original, even though it's not as crazy as Lady Gaga's. Her eye makeup alone is a staple of hers, with black eyeliner and sparkling eyeshadow around it. She wears a lot of leggings and t-shirts, shorts and skirts and is going through a navajo-western thing now that showed in the "Your Love is My Drug" video.

2. Their Lyrics: Isn't it refreshing to have female pop artists talk about something other than sex and boys in their lyrics? I mean, sure the songs about sex and boys are there but it's not what they're all about. Often with Lady Gaga, you think her song is about one thing and then it turns out it's about hooking up with a girl. Then you play the song again and hear "bluffing with my muffin" and think "oh, I get it now!" Or how about getting drunk? Not exactly the most lady like thing to do but Ke$ha does it like the rest of us and she can write a catchy song about it too. "Tik Tok" was her first hit off of Animal and had nothing to do with her sexy body and how tan she is and all the guys she's getting with. Growing up in the Britney-Christina age, that's all I heard about in pop songs so it's great to hear something new.

3. (Ke$ha) doesn't take herself too Seriously: Lady Gaga is the epitome of "taking herself too seriously," I mean just watch that interview she did last week on Larry King Live, so I wont include her in this category. Ke$ha on the other hand, just wants to have fun with her music and doesn't really see herself as a "serious" artist, which is (I think) what pop music should be all about: having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. Ke$ha herself says it perfectly in this interview: "People get so pretentious about pop music so I do feel like I'm fighting this battle. My record is honest and fun. It's a celebration of youth and life and going out and getting crazy. I'm about non-pretentious irreverence and f**k off good fun!" Thank you, Ke$ha! Pop artists, please stop acting like you're this visionary of music and that you got to where you are because of your voice! Did your manager tell you to say that? It's all about luck! Lady Gaga lived in Yonkers so she was close to the city and was able to make connections. Ke$ha and Katy Perry were roommates before she got big! Hello! Just accept this fact, realize you might be gone in a year or two and have fun with it. (That last sentence doesn't really regard Lady Gaga either, I think she may be staying around for a while.)

And lastly...
4. They aren't Sex Symbols: I think this fact is crucial in what makes them both different from other pop artists. Ke$ha's style has been referred to as "garbage-chic" and Lady Gaga continuously is accused of being a hermaphrodite. That doesn't exactly sound like the media views them as being conventionally "attractive," even though they are both very pretty young ladies. Once again, in the Britney-Christina age of pop music, it was all about the looks. They were viewed as sex symbols before they were viewed as pop artists. Now with Ke$ha and Lady Gaga, it's about their drastic persona's and catchy hooks. I think that also says a lot about the music they're producing. People will listen to their music because it's catchy and is unique, not because "they're hot." I think that's really cool about both of these artists.

* = This is not by any means saying they're talented or credible artists. Lady Gaga maybe, Ke$ha not so much, which is a shame because I really love her but there has been talk saying she's bad live and now this. I'm starting to think it's true.
(Both pictures are from their Last.fm page.)

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