Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not sure about this song yet but, pretty awesome video.

Against Me! "I Was a Teenage Anarchist"

A lot of people are debating over the lyrics to this song, just look at the youtube comments under the video. Do anarchists now have a "mob mentality," as Gabel sings? My thoughts on this issue:

First of all, let me just say that I haven't really indulged too much into the anarchist scene but can definitely see why they would feel this way about government. I don't think they're as crazy as people make them out to be, they really do have a point.
With evidence from talking with people who define themselves as anarchists throughout my teenage years and now, early twenties, I think Gabel could be right. Every anarchist I've talked to have the same opinions, it's never something new. People have to have (or at least should have,) some differences in opinion, no matter what party they affiliate themselves with. That's why there's something called "being moderate" or "far left"/"far right." There can't possibly be a political group of people who have the exact same opinion. And with anarchists, I think that might be the case but I'm only forming this opinion based on my experience with them so who really knows, right? When Gabel started saying things in the media that weren't let's just say, "anarchist" friendly, (exhibit A, exhibit B,)people started to talk and they immediately shunned him from the anarchist community; why? Can't he have an opinion that's a little more centered and still be considered an anarchist? Why does one opinion have to be the right opinion? Gabel is growing up and was exploring new ideas but that doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't an anarchist anymore even though now, he's officially said he isn't. So when you hear people bashing Tom Gabel for "selling out" or whatever the hell they're saying that week, analyze if they are bashing his opinions because they don't agree or are they bashing his opinions because they aren't "anarchist" friendly?

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  1. You and Tom make some really great points. It's ironic that anarchists are a group. Isn't unity and formation the antithesis to anarchy?

    People can call Tom a sellout until they're blue in the face. But the thing is, he's GROWN UP and realized what he believed as a youngster does not pertain to him now. What matters is how good his music still is!

    - Melissa