Friday, May 28, 2010

Stimulus created 2.8 Million Jobs?!


I usually don't get political on here but I thought this was something worth posting, since a lot of people think that the Stimulus was a failure.
That's a success, if you ask me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr. Hudson

Looks like Sting...sounds like Sting...I'm starting to think he really digs Sting!

I have to say though, I do love any song he's involved in that comes out.

(Apparently this is has been like the "Graduation" - Vitamin C of the class of 2010? Interesting.)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Preston Beat Reflects on Lost (Spoiler Alert)

Since I've never blogged about it, some of you might not know that I'm a huge Lost fan. (And I'm talking "watch the newest episode twice and then look up/analyze theories and different possible outcomes till 2AM" huge!) The reason why I haven't blogged about it is because I feel like I have way too much to say and if I tried, it would all just come out sounding like a big ramble...but I'll try my best here to convey my thoughts. I think I have to blog about it at least once before it's all over.
I'm going to approach this in list form, starting with:

1. The Jacob vs. M.I.B. Craziness: When the name "Jacob" started getting tossed around in the series, we all thought Jacob was a character we knew already. People were saying it could be Jack's father, Christian Shephard (which was my educated guess,) or even one of the Losties (Jack, Locke). But who did he turn out to be? Paul Bennett, Rita's coked-up, abusive ex-husband from Dexter!
When we finally became acquainted with the man behind Jacob, in the season five finale, The Incident Part 1&2, I was kind of surprised that it was a new character we've never seen before portraying him but I was also happy with the surprise. I really liked the idea of this mysterious man and being able to explore his backstory. I remember that episode blowing my mind not only with the reveal of Jacob but also with learning the connections he had with the "candidates" throughout their whole lives and another reveal of a character we knew all along, just not in this context, the Man In Black or M.I.B. for short (or Smokey or Flocke...whichever you decide!)
For the series finale, I kind of don't want the focus to be on Jacob and M.I.B. to be honest, just because I feel we've had our episodes with them (Ab Aeterno and Across The Sea,) and it's time to start explaining what's up with Desmond and the time travel stuff. Regarding the Jacob/M.I.B. storyline, I would like more of an elaboration on "the job" that Jack has agreed to do in What They Died For. And I also think that "the light" needs to be addressed as well; what exactly is this light? What powers does it posses? And why did it turn M.I.B. into smokey when Jacob threw him in there? Personally, my roommates and I have been thinking that the light is something like "The Fountain of Youth" but the only problem with that theory is, it doesn't really explain why M.I.B. returned being Smokey when Jacob threw him into the light. However, it does explain why so many ships land there, these ships also seem to be from countries in Europe (i.e. Spain,) where conquistadors reigned from and explored the sea for new things. I know this might be pushing it and it probably wont get addressed but, I would also like to know the origin of homegirl Allison Janney's character aka Jacob and M.I.B.'s "mother."

2. Daniel Faraday: Probably my favorite character of the entire series! (Yeah, I'm gonna go there.) Without Faraday, the time travel aspect of this show wouldn't be possible. He spent his entire adult life studying space-time at Oxford and therefore, knows everything there needs to know about time travel. When Desmond started flashing through time and the losties got stuck in Dharmaville circa 1976, Daniel was there to explain to them and to the audience of the show what a constant was and how time travel was like a spinning record. His death probably effected me the most, I'm still kind of bitter about that one. But I was more than happy to see him in Happily Ever After this season and hope to see him again in the finale.

3. Desmond Hume: Desmond is another one of my favorites. He has some of the best one-liners from the series, ("I'll see you in another life, brotha" and "There's always a choice, brotha") perhaps it's the "brotha" that makes them so epically awesome, I don't know. One of my favorite Desmond moments actually happened this season in The Candidate when Desmond, sitting quietly in that rusty, cold well M.I.B. thew him down, was talking to a "sick" Sayid about his alleged reunion with Nadia. When Sayid explained that M.I.B. promised him that he could bring back Nadia if he killed Desmond, a philosophical and mellow Desmond asked very simply, "and if he does bring her back and you reunite with this girl again, what are you going to say when she asks how you got back to her again?" Such a perfect burn, if you ask me. I think it was also one of the events that made Sayid so heroic before his unfortunate death. I really like Sayid too, by the way, and was pissed that they made him contract "the sickness" but it was all forgiven after his ending (so good!)

4. Time Travel/Flash-Sideways Business: My immediate reaction to the flash sideways was the exact same one when the show introduced time travel: "Time Travel/Flash Sideways?! Really?!" This whole thing with Desmond jumping from universe to universe is very interesting and I always found his "abilities" to be a very important part of the show, probably the second most important, actually (first being Jacob/M.I.B.) but it's time to actually tell us what the hell is going on! I mean, I get that Desmond can jump in between alternative universes and time travel because he is acceptable to electromagnetism but WHY is he acceptable to it?! What happened?! And if you tell me, "when the hatch blew up and he was inside, that's when he got these abilities" save it cause that doesn't make sense either! For some reason, this seems to be some fans' reasoning behind Desmond's powers and feel like they can just brush it off their shoulders and move on. But this still doesn't make sense; why did he survive the hatch blowing up in the first place? He had to have these abilities prior to the hatch blowing up or else he wouldn't have lived through it! AHHHHH!!! My brain hurts just writing this.
If I could devise a perfect finale, I'd probably want this question to be the main focus. There are still some loose ends with Jacob/M.I.B. like I said above but it's a lot more resolved than this story line is. I also would like a little more about this alternate universe stuff that's going on in this season; what's the purpose? And let's just say that everyone remembers things from the island and realizes that everyone is connected; what then? Are they just gonna go "huh" and move on? WHAT?!
As you can see, this whole debacle is what stumps me the most about this show.

5. What lies in the shadow of the Statue?!: Three words: Four. Toed. Statue. What is the significance?! This mystery and the "Adam and Eve" skeletons have been on my "absolutely need to answer this question" list since they were introduced. The skeletons were answered in "Across the Sea" but in my opinion, can you say cop out?!

Just like:
Kate: "So why was my name crossed off the list?"
Jacob: "Because, Kate. You became a mother. But it's just a piece of chalk, the job is yours if you want it."

Oh, duh, Jacob. My bad. I mean really.

Anyway, the statue has always been huge for me, it probably wont turn out to be anything too crazy but I've just always wanted to know what was up with it and what time period it emerged, who built it, etc.

6. People I Really Want to See in the Finale:
-I think the person I'm dying to see the most is Ms. Juliet Burke. I really want to see a reunion with Sawyer and I also really want to see them "getting coffee" like Juliet said they would when she died.

-Even though Michael and Walt are a packaged deal, I'm willing to see Michael if that means I can see Walt. I feel like that whole story line and why Walt was "special" to the others just went kaput so fast. I'd like to see a little more of Walt's story.

-Daniel Faraday (of course, not even a question.)

-Charlie would be nice, and maybe a sane Claire!?

-Hell, why not Nikki and Paulo too?

7. My Prediction for the final outcome of Lost: I think almost all of the losties unfortunately will bite the dust...not unfortunate though for Kate (sorry, I'm totally one of those fans who hates on Kate! On a side note, how is she still alive? She would never last after a gun shot wound in real life, not even if the bullet went through, she'd be loosing too much blood.) Locke's body will continue to inhabit M.I.B. and Jack will be Jacob (I'm hoping - some people are saying they think Jack might die in the finale and someone, probably Hurley, would take the Jacob position - I wouldn't really like that.) Someone, either Hurley or Desmond I'm thinking, would survive and take over as the "Richard Alpert" role, being a middle man between the two. In the beginning of the season, I was thinking it would be Hurley but now I'm honestly thinking it might be Desmond, just because now everyone's talking about how "special" he is and shit. So I don't know but I'm thinking it would be between those two. With the time travel/alternate universe story line, it's really a toss up. I don't even have the slightest idea of what could happen with that and am open to different ideas, I just want it to make sense to me.

To fellow Lost fans, take this weekend to enjoy the last hours of this creative and innovative mind fuck that we call a television show and revel in this epic piece of storytelling. It's not just the questions about the island I think that we are attached to but also, the characters. So even if you don't like the way the end turns out (cause I know I'll probably have a problem with it, it can't be perfect for everyone, right?) just enjoy the time you'll have with the Oceanic Six and the rest of the losties for the last time. And just remember that there's always the DVD Box set.

Damn that took a long time to write!


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been noticing something about Julian Casablancas lately.

Joey Ramone + Ric Ocasek = Julian Casablancas

(I couldn't find a recent picture so instead, I'll just post the "Boom Box" video from SNL.)

Not sure about this song yet but, pretty awesome video.

Against Me! "I Was a Teenage Anarchist"

A lot of people are debating over the lyrics to this song, just look at the youtube comments under the video. Do anarchists now have a "mob mentality," as Gabel sings? My thoughts on this issue:

First of all, let me just say that I haven't really indulged too much into the anarchist scene but can definitely see why they would feel this way about government. I don't think they're as crazy as people make them out to be, they really do have a point.
With evidence from talking with people who define themselves as anarchists throughout my teenage years and now, early twenties, I think Gabel could be right. Every anarchist I've talked to have the same opinions, it's never something new. People have to have (or at least should have,) some differences in opinion, no matter what party they affiliate themselves with. That's why there's something called "being moderate" or "far left"/"far right." There can't possibly be a political group of people who have the exact same opinion. And with anarchists, I think that might be the case but I'm only forming this opinion based on my experience with them so who really knows, right? When Gabel started saying things in the media that weren't let's just say, "anarchist" friendly, (exhibit A, exhibit B,)people started to talk and they immediately shunned him from the anarchist community; why? Can't he have an opinion that's a little more centered and still be considered an anarchist? Why does one opinion have to be the right opinion? Gabel is growing up and was exploring new ideas but that doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't an anarchist anymore even though now, he's officially said he isn't. So when you hear people bashing Tom Gabel for "selling out" or whatever the hell they're saying that week, analyze if they are bashing his opinions because they don't agree or are they bashing his opinions because they aren't "anarchist" friendly?

Monday, May 17, 2010


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(Credit unknown...if you know who made this, please contact me.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Arcade Fire's Website:

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Tom Gabel's Blog
This made me very happy!

Against Me!'s new album, White Crosses, is due out June 7.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Every place I go, I take another place with me." - Bon Iver

That quote is from "Wisconsin." Another great Bon Iver song is "Skinny Love" and guess who covered that?! Ingrid Michaelson! And she did quite well, might I add. Here's her crazy brilliant guerrilla live performance.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonky Pop!

So I was just reading about Dan Black on Wikipedia (he sings "Symphonies," on the current Preston Beat playlist below,) and they described him as "wonky" pop! I've never heard of this term before so I looked that up as well and apparently it was created by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) to describe "quirky, catchy and credible pop." Some artists that were mentioned: Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, Mika, Florence and The Machine, La Roux, M.I.A. and The Ting Tings! Maybe this term is wildly popular and I just haven't heard about it yet but either way, I thought it was interesting.

The fact that we have to now create a term that differentiates pop music and pop music that is actually creative and has some artistic merit says something about where pop music is going now-a-days...just a thought...

Read about it more on Wiki HERE

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

John Nolan and Shaun Cooper reunite with Taking Back Sunday!

Exciting news!

John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, left Taking Back Sunday in 2003 to form Straylight Run but have now reconciled their differences with Adam Lazzara (probably because now they all hate Jesse Lacey, feud explained here,) and are reuniting permanently with Taking Back Sunday. They're also planning on touring this summer. For a Tell All Your Friends fan (i.e. me) this is the best news relating to Taking Back Sunday ever! I can't wait to see what Nolan and Lazzara will do together.

Read the story on Alternative Press HERE!

Bamboozle Festival

Something Corporate reunite at Bamboozle. Photo courtesy of

The 2-day Bamboozle Festival was held this weekend in New Jersey with Weezer, Drake and Paramore owning everyone else in their performances, according to Billboard. Ke$ha, on the other hand, apparently did not do so well which is kind of a bummer.
I would have went to this, they had an amazing line-up this year, but I had a baby shower to go to that I simply could not miss. Hopefully next year they'll continue to keep the good acts coming...the only thing I really don't like about Bamboozle is the's not even the fact that they're young (cause if anyone has went to Bamboozle in NJ you'll know they certainly are,) it's the fact they they seem to be quite rude and disrespectful to the venue (Meadowlands Sports Complex, where the Giants play,) as well as musicians up on stage playing. Have some manners, kiddies! (Totally sounding like an old lady but I don't care.)

Matt and Kim perform. Courtesy of Billboard.

Interpol "Lights"

Download here to hear Interpol's new song, "Lights"! So exciting!