Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on The Strokes?! Who knew?!

I thought The Strokes were never to return again. What a pleasant surprise! Not only are they one of the headliners for Lollapalooza this year, but are also headlining the Isle of Wight Festival this June.
The band is also working on a new album which Julian Casablancas told Rolling Stone should be out by September. Let's hope it's not another First Impressions on Earth. I linked that partly because I'm not sure if a lot of music fans even know or have heard of that album. Or perhaps they'd like to block it out of their minds. "Juicebox," anyone? Remember that? Yeah, it's coming back. If you couldn't tell, I was really disappointed with that album and was upset that was going to be their last album together, every band should go out with a bang. It's great to know that will not be the case. More updates to come on The Strokes reunion.

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