Monday, March 15, 2010

Sufjan, Crazy Heart

It's 2:35 AM...that's right. How the hell I'm still up and completely awake, I will never know.

Anyway...lately, I've been thinking about Sufjan Stevens. When is he going to release another album? I mean, I know he came out with The BQE last year but it's almost impossible to get a copy since Asthmatic Kitty didn't sell the album to the mass market...totally lame. I tried to look for news about what he's doing lately and couldn't find anything except for the fact that he still is apparently working on his Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey albums simultaneously. We'll see about that. Also, his New Jersey album might be an homage to the New Jersey Turnpike. I don't really know why anyone would want to pay homage to quite possibly the most annoying toll road I've ever been on but, alright.

Also, tonight I just saw "Crazy Heart" which was crazy brilliant. A little slow at first but nonetheless, brilliant. The music alone is amazing. Written and Produced by alt-country gem T-Bone Burnett, the Crazy Heart soundtrack is both dark and optimistic, much like main character Bad Blake's journey throughout the film. I highly recommend it as well as the film. Kudos to the dude, he deserved that oscar.

Still wide's 2:45 now. I'm shocked.

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