Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gorillaz - The Fall Streaming Now!

Listen to it here!

If you're a fan club member, you can download the album now but if not, the album will be available to everyone in 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Ten Albums of 2010

I would say that this year had some really solid releases from a lot of really talented musicians. It's always hard for me to pick the top ten and this year was no exception, but I just can't help but love list making.

(If you don't want to read my Ke$sha rant, skip this paragraph and go right to the top ten list,)

Also, let me just say that I really contemplated putting Ke$ha on here but just couldn't do it. I love that girl to death but in terms of talent and artistic cred, she is no where near some of these bands on the list! I just couldn't put her on the same list as The Black Keys. Just not gonna happen. Animal was fun and a really good pop record but when all is said and done, it's a pop record and my motto with pop music is, you can listen to it (and you should,) accept it, embrace it but also know that usually the people who make pop music are money makers and nothing more. There's no heart or musical talent behind the music. Once again, it's just an opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone who would consider their main genre of music to be pop. By the way, I have the same opinion on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream which was another record I listened to a lot this year. Okay, I'm ranting...anyway, here they are:

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10 She & Him - Volume Two
Zooey and M. Ward released their inevitable Volume Two in March of this year with even more critical acclaim than their initial collaboration, Volume One. I have to say that I couldn't have agreed more with the critics. Volume Two had a lot more original material by Deschannel and Ward and it seemed more like a cohesive album than Volume One, which seemed very scattered with a cover every other song and not meshing well together like an album should. Volume Two also had a lot more stronger and prominent original songs including "Thieves," "In The Sun" and "Gonna Get Along Without You Now."

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9 Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - Buzzard
Even though this isn't the best Margot album (I'm looking at you, Dust of Retreat,) and probably the weakest of the three, (or four, should I say?) it's still Margot and the Nuclear So & So's and they will always have a spot on my yearly list if they've released an album. They're such a unique band, both with lyrics and sound, it's impossible not to commend them for that in general. Buzzard seemed very experimental for the band and the without the presence of Emily Watkins I think this was the perfect time to re-evaluate their sound and see where they want to go later in their career. Even with mixed reviews, Margot fans still seemed to appreciate it (from what I've heard from other fans, at least). Key tracks include "Birds" and "Will You Love Me Forever?"

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8 Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me
This was a very important album for Joanna Newsom. She's maturing as an artist, which is great because she's pretty much not afraid to try anything musically. Her instrument repertoire doubled with this album, from harpsichord to electric guitar. The only qualm I have with this album is the fact that she's obviously trying to alleviate her signature voice, which is one of my pet peeves when artists do this (i.e. Tom Gabel on Against Me's White Crosses. What are you doing?!). So what if some people don't like it, which has been a common complaint with Newsom, usually this means that for the people who love this artist, it's one of the artists' redeeming qualities and something special that makes them the musician they are. Embrace your unique voice, Joanna! Please don't try to hide it! Key tracks include "Easy" and "Good Intentions Paving Company" (probably my favorite Joanna Newsom song far, of course. She's definitely not going anywhere and there's plenty more music to come from her!)

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7 Band of Horses - Infinite Arms
In May, Band of Horses came out with their third album and oh, what a third album it is! Even though there are a lot more slower tracks than on Cease to Begin, I've always thought that this band can most definitely pull them off and can make me want to listen to them over and over again (in fact, one of my favorite songs on Cease to Begin is "Detlef Schrempf,") so it wasn't a problem for me, as it was for some other fans. I think "Blue Beard" and "On My Way Back Home" were some of the most beautiful songs to come out in a while. They definitely deserve any grammy nomination they've gotten this year and I hope they'll continue to release solid albums because I love the fact that I can always depend on that. Key tracks also include "Laredo" (of freakin' course!) and "Dilly."

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6 Hellogoodbye - Would it Kill You?
Okay, so I really expected NOT to like this album. Like, I was preparing myself months ahead of time, trying to accept that the Hellogoodbye I once knew just isn't the Hellogoodbye they are now. While that is still absolutely true, I ended up loving Would it Kill You? I just wish that Forrest would just re-name this new band because it certainly isn't Hellgoodbye anymore. There isn't a trace of the original band to be heard in this music which is perfectly fine because the music is good, it just seems like it would be right to just wipe the slate clean and come up with another name for the band. Key tracks include "Find Something to Do," "Getting Old," "You Sleep Alone" and "Would it Kill You?"

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5 Broken Bells - Self Titled
Pretty much anything DJ Danger Mouse and James Mercer of The Shins do is brilliant so it's obvious that a collaboration between the two is going to be epically amazing. I really hope they decide to work together again because it seems they work together extremely well. They both come from very different music backgrounds but when mashed together to form this sound, it's really something that should be treasured. Key tracks include "The High Road," The Ghost Inside" and "Sailing to Nowhere."

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4 Jimmy Eat World - Invented
This was definitely a surprise because Jimmy Eat World's previous effort, Chase This Light, wasn't exactly awe-inspiring in my opinion but they came back with Invented in 2010, which mirrored my favorite Jimmy Eat World album ever, Futures very much so. There is just something about them I've always found to be very special, something that makes them different from other bands that came out of that 1990's emo scene, (The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Reggie and the Full Effect, etc.) they just seem to really understand how to play that genre and play it in a way that works. Key tracks include "Heart is Hard to Find," "My Best Theory" and "Stop."

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3 The Black Keys - Brothers
The Black Keys are one of the bands that I will always associate with this year because I listened to them A LOT. The first time I listened to Attack and Release, their album right before Brothers in 2008, I was hooked and then when I listened to Brothers was even more enamored by them. Dan Auerbach can really do no wrong in my eyes and I can't say enough good things about this record. Key tracks include "Next Girl," "Tighten Up" and "The Only One."

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2 Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
At first, this album kind of flew under my radar, I knew it released but honestly didn't have much interest in it only because I didn't really like Neon Bible too much and figured Funeral was a diamond in the ruff. After hearing from some friends that The Suburbs was in their opinion, the best Arcade Fire album yet, I decided to give it a shot and from then on, The Suburbs and I started quite a beautiful, musical friendship. Not only great musically but also really thought provoking and poetic lyrics, commenting on our society's emphasis on suburban life and if the American way really is the best way. One pleasant surprise on this record for me was one of the very last songs, "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" sung by front man Win Butler's lady, RĂ©gine Chassagne. It's a great experiment for them, dabbling into electronica with a little legitimate 1970's disco influence mixed in and they really made it work. I'm hoping they experiment with this sound further. Even though this is number two on my list, I do consider this and my number one almost tied. There was some really great music produced in 2010 and this album was one of the many highlights. On a side note, I'm really hoping they win Album of the Year at this year's Grammy's. They really deserve that award and that sometimes isn't the case unfortunately for any of the artists nominated on any given year. Key tracks include "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)," "Ready to Start," "Modern Man" and "City With No Children."

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1 Vampire Weekend - Contra
Contra came out in the beginning of 2010, January 11, to be exact, which was eleven days after I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment with two of my friends and was on the verge of starting graduate school in Albany. I didn't dorm at college, I was able to commute and had a pretty good social and home life so decided to do that instead so when I moved out, it was a pretty big deal for me and it was a lot to get used to. During this confusing time in my life, I found it really comforting to have some new music that was actually good (because at the time for some reason, there was kind of a lull in that, towards the end of 2009 things kind of slowed down,) and an album I could play from beginning to end. Almost exactly a year later, I can still count on Contra to be amazing and I am able to play it from beginning to end and love every minute of it. That's what I call a timeless record: an album that you can put on at any point in your life, doesn't matter on the day or how much time has passed since the album came out, and still enjoy it like it's the first time you've heard the record. Maybe it's because it has a little bit of a sentimental aspect for me since it reminds me of that time where I was trying to figure out this new life in Albany I decided for myself after I graduated college, but I decided to put Contra as number one and not The Suburbs because of the whole "timeless record" idea. I'm pretty sure The Suburbs is a timeless record as well but not enough time has passed for me to know that for sure yet. Anyway, Vampire Weekend really delivered on their second album. Music journalists and web sites kind of always implied that they were destined to be "one album wonders" so to speak, and that their hype from their self titled would eventually get to them. However, the band proved this theory wrong with giving us one of the best alternative rock albums of 2010. Key tracks include "Holiday," "Run," "Giving Up the Gun" and "Diplomat's Son."

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Month off from school = a shitload of blogging (hopefully)

I have some album reviews in the works and have also compiled some idea for lists (yes, I have already decided on my top 10 of 2010 and no, number one ISN'T Kanye West like everyone else's list,) but for now, here are some things that are happening in the music world as of late:

-Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst is finally coming back with a new album releasing February 15. It's called The People's Key and Pitchfork is now streaming "Shell Games."

-Iron & Wine are also coming out with their fourth album, Kiss Each Other Clean on January 25. You can now download their single "Tree By The River" on their website here.

-Rumors have been swirling around for weeks now that Gorillaz will have an album out by Christmas. Reports have now been confirmed that Damon Albarn will release a new Gorillaz album on Christmas day for free on their website! (What a great Christmas present!!)

-Brothers Josh Farro and Zac Farro have left Paramore, Billboard reported on Sunday. Honestly, this isn't really a surprise. In fact I'm predicting a Paramore break up for 2011. Unfortunate, I know, but it seems as if the band is just holding Hayley back now. Brand New Eyes was great but it's no Riot! and they'll never be able to duplicate that brilliance. So it's inevitable that they'll officially throw in the towel soon enough, I think.

That's it for now! Check back for some album reviews and other random things.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girl Talk - All Day

Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk has a new album out! I can't stop listening to it. Download it here on his site for free:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MGMT "It's Working"

Seriously love everything they do.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Weezer's new compilation album

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This kind of slipped under the radar for me so I just wanted to let anyone who reads this know that Weezer just released an album of unreleased material throughout the years called Death to False Metal (completely serious.) Prefix Mag gave it a 4.5 rating and Pitchfork gave it a 3.5 but these two sites also have a lot of Weezer hate so if you're a fan still, it might be something to listen to.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Not in Love" - Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith

My favorite electronica-MIDI sounds duo from Toronoto, Crystal Castles, have teamed up with The Cure's Robert Smith to re-invent "Not in Love," one of the last tracks on their latest self-titled album. Listen to the altered track with Robert Smith on Pitchfork here. Personally, I think I like it better with Robert Smith.

Also...did you vote today? If not, please go and do that!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Website for Class

So for one of my classes I have to make a website about anything I want, basically. I think what I'm going to do is showcase new music that is coming out and for every page, have a different genre. Here are two I'm thinking of (and will post the other two when I think of them):

Sufjan Stevens - The Age of AdzImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Even though I'm not too much of a fan, (go back to the 50 states project, Sufjan! Just sayin!) it is Sufjan and I still think he's great. His vision for this album is interesting, which according to Asthmatic Kitty's website, was "heavy use of electronics augmented by heavy orchestration, and inspiration from the apocalyptic artwork of schizophrenic artist Royal Robertson" but it's just not what Sufjan does best.

Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Image and video hosting by TinyPic Yes, I know that there's another album cover Kanye West released a couple weeks ago for this album. No, I don't want to display it on my website; it creeps me out for some reason. I think it's the teeth on the woman. Anyway, Kanye's "good Friday" marketing tool has been getting a lot of hype for the album. Releasing a new track every Friday on his website has given momentum to the project after his break (or his definition of a break,) from music and after the Taylor Swift VMA debacle. Although, it seems that this T-Swift thing will be following him around for a while.

Photos from

Friday, October 22, 2010

Would it Kill You? Streaming on HelloGoodbye's website

Listen to "Find Something to Do"!

Right now I'm not sure if it's the entire album or just the first track. So far I can only listen to "Find Something to Do" so I don't know.

This is probably going to leak in a day or two unfortunately. When will bands learn that streaming the album on their website equals a leak before the release date!?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Alert!

My apologies for not being present. Kind of going through a hectic time not only in school but just in general. Also new music has been a little uninspiring lately. However, I have found a new love for Ratatat and will share more about that later.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weezer getting Bribes to Break Up!

Some guy named James Burns in Seattle was willing to give Weezer 10 million dollars, Pitchfork and NY Times reports, if they would break up! Until he received death threats! Weezer fans are serious business! Pitchfork/NY Times report:
Burns is feeling the wrath of
Weezer die hards. "I've actually received death threats over this,
believe it or not," he told the Times. "Some people have told me
they wish I would get AIDS. This whole campaign, I fully admit
that it's silly.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - Buzzard (2010) (Review)

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Margot & the Nuclear So and So's third full length album Buzzard brings many changes to the seven piece band from Indianapolis. Band members changed, popularity increased and a different record label (their own!) but after the whole Animal!/Not Animal thing who didn't see that coming? (They had a huge dispute with Epic Records on the track order and decided to release both versions, Animal! being Margot's preferred version while Not Animal is Epic's preferred version.) The album was released on Mariel Recordings, their own label they developed after the falling out, with distribution funded through RedEye magazine, a publication from Chicago that's owned by Tribune who also own Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, etc.

Anyway, let's get to the music! This album might have to be listened to a couple of times in order to really appreciate it. Which is kind of how I felt with Not Animal. However, songs like "Birds" and "New York City Hotel Blues" will pick up right where "As Tall as Cliffs" from Animal!/Not Animal left off. Ridiculously catchy but with creativity and a uniqueness that most indie bands should be envious of. A lot of the songs ("Will You Love Me Forever?", "Your Lower Back",) have the same feel as a song like "Cold, Kind and Lemon Eyes" from Animal!/Not Animal or "Dress Me Like a Clown" from Dust of Retreat. You're not sure why you're still listening to the song, but something about it makes you want to, then after a couple listens, you get it.

This is why I love this band and feel that they're so important to music: they do something that no one does. Some songs aren't exactly the most catchiest and lyrically rich songs you've ever heard AT FIRST but eventually, a switch occurs, and you can hear the melody they're creating and the message they're trying to convey. It's something that most bands today are almost afraid to do; to take the chance that their fans could give up on them after one listen.

Surprisingly the lack of piano/keyboardist Emily Watkins doesn't show too much on this new album. Fans worried that Richard Edwards and Watkins are a dynamic duo that without one another, can't make music as brilliant as when they are together (i.e. Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett, Adam Lazzara and John Nolan). After Buzzard, it's clear Edwards and the gang will be just fine.

Key Tracks: "Birds," "New York City Hotel Blues," "Will You Love Me Forever?" and "Claws Off"

Rating: 4 and a half out of 5

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weezer announces "Blue Album/Pinkerton" Tour


Sounds like it could be cool but it's showing NO love to the east coast!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

HelloGoodbye Announce Release Date of Second Full Length Album

Forrest and the debut of the new line-up of HelloGoodbye release the second full length HGB disc, Would It Kill You? November 9th. Finally, a release date! I'm reluctant to like this however, since I'm still bitter from everyone leaving (except for Forrest Kline).

Okay I guess I was Wrong...

Just saw the Taylor Swift's more apparent to me now that the song is about Kanye...especially after the obvious indicator of showing the scene from last year's VMA's before Swift's performance. (Yeah that's not over the top or anything!) So now that I know that it's about Kanye I say this about the whole thing: get over it, Taylor! Move on!

Okay...back to watching to VMA's.

I think this is a bit of a Leap!

So, I haven't seen the VMA's yet! I was busy watching the True Blood finale (Where is Sookie?! And did anyone see that coming about Jesus?! Anyway...) but I will watch it today probably and write a post about it shorty after. Before I do that, I just wanted to share this article on about Taylor Swift's performance. Really? I'm not convinced based on these examples that it's about Kanye. This could be about anyone! Entertainment writers really will pick apart every little thing just to make a "story" about it! What do you guys think? Discuss in comments!

On a side note...Weezer's Hurley: actually pretty decent. Shocking, I know. Post on that later.

On another side note, sorry for my sporadic blogging. School started. Give me a break.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vampire Weekend being Sued by Mysterious Contra Girl

When Contra came out, I know that I was curious about the lovely Funny Games-esque lady on the cover of Vampire Weekend's second LP. Who was she? A girlfriend? A sister? A friend? After some research however, I found out that the band unfortunately had no idea who she was. No mystery about the mysterious Contra girl was revealed:

"We know where the image came from, but we're not being very specific about her. We don't know her or anything," Koenig said. "The picture is from 1983, but the last album cover was from 2006, and they kind of look like they both inhabit the same world. When we saw this image, we just found it very striking. And part of it is the look on her face. It's not about the color of her hair, or the fact that she's wearing a Polo shirt. What makes it interesting is her face."

Well, Ezra, maybe you should have known who she was! At least, you know, get her name and ask if it's cool they use the picture. Because now the band is being sued by mysterious Contra girl...for two million dollars. The Tripwire gives us and Vampire Weekend some legal advice on the matter here: LINK!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crystal Castles

Today I leave you with a little Crystal Castles, an electronic duo from Toronto.

Alice Glass is *this* close to being on my list of awesome female lead singers. And that's a short/exclusive (lol) list!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

False Priest Leak: A Message from Kevin Barnes

Lead singer of Athens, Georgia's Of Montreal, Kevin Barnes, released this statement on their myspace today regarding the leak of their upcoming release, False Priest:

"False Priest - Please Wait!

Please do not listen to the leaked version of False Priest. Some “enthusiastic” person allowed people to listen over Skype to an advance copy he somehow got his hands on, and then one of those people recorded the live stream, and that is the version of the album that has “leaked”. It would be unfortunate enough for False Priest to leak this early, but it’s made even worse by the fact that its an extremely low rez version that is now floating around. Please be patient and wait a couple more months, I promise you it will be worth it.

P.S. This is not a call for someone to leak a better quality version of the album, just thought I should add that:-)"

And I was just talking about Gaslight Anthem's leak recently too! Totally sucks when a good band's album gets leaked way too soon.


So Akron, Ohio's The Black Keys (who also are awesome,) have a side project going on called Blakroc, a collaboration between the duo and rap artists such as Mos Def, Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA, and Ludacris. Just listening to the album now and it's a very creative, unique thing they've done with this side project. Definitely recommended. Also recommended, The Black Keys' new disc, Brothers!

Since the best site for music blogs ever, has shut down, I can't post any more music to go with posts but here are their websites: BLAKROC BLACK KEYS

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm back!

Hey guys! So I passed all my summer classes and finally have some down time! I might have to post a hiatus for a little while when I'm in ~*the Mediterranean in August (that's right! I'm going to Italy, Croatia and Greece!) but I'll see if I can blog once or twice from the cruise ship. I really hate to post a hiatus and Mark S. Luckie from 10,000 Words (Love this blog! Reppin' 10,000 Words,) strongly advises not to do this but sometimes life and an actual job gets in the way. :(

Anyway...let's recap on some things that happened while I was metaphorically tearing my hair out, trying to make a website and searching databases for the best biography on Edgar Allen Poe (Yes, I actually had to do that for my summer classes...)

Notable albums that came out:
-Against Me! White Crosses...Eh. I have to say while I think that Tom Gabel and Andrew Seward really should have thought about harmonizing a long time ago because they're really awesome at it, the song aren't as strong as they could and should be. And my biggest qualm with this album...NO SMOKER VOICE!!! I almost feel that it shouldn't even be considered an actual Against Me! album without Tom Gabel's signature smoker voice. And for the record, I don't think I'm usually harsh on them because I'm an old school Against Me! fan (Reinventing Axl Rose, As the Eternal Cowboy old school...not exactly Vivida Vis! old school but then again, who was? Tom Gabel even admits that.) I actually liked New Wave and defended it to many old school Against Me! fans who felt that they "sold out." I'm not a huge fan of using the term "selling out," I personally think it's kind of a loaded term and very judgmental, but if I had to use it, I would say White Crosses is selling out WAY more than New Wave. Once again, NO SMOKER VOICE. UNBELIEVABLE!

-The Gaslight Anthem American Slang Wow, this came out June 14?! What a bad break for Gaslight Anthem, this album leaked like, months ago. I always feel really bad when an album leaks way too soon for a really good band like this. Anyway, not as good as The '59 Sound for me but this is a pretty solid album. (Key track: "Boxer"!)

-Eminem Recovery Wow...this came out of nowhere, didn't it? I thought after Encore, Eminem was pretty much over but then I heard "Love the Way You Lie" with Rihanna, (his first single off this album,) and decided to give Recovery a listen. This is definitely going back to Marshall Mathers-Eminem Show and while I kind of miss his bleach blonde Slim Shady LP persona, this will do. This album really shows that Eminem still has it.

-3OH!3 Streets of Gold Here's where 3OH!3 went wrong with this album: they took themselves waaaay too seriously. Because the music industry pretty much tricked 3OH!3 into thinking that they were actually serious rap artists, Want will be dust in the wind and their only solid album.

Other News:

-The Red Hot Chili Peppers are going back to the studio to record their 10th studio album. LINK

-Katy Perry is hosting the Teen Choice Awards on August 8! Way to follow in your future husband's footsteps, girl!

-And just putting it out there, really excited for Brandon Flowers' Flamingo! "Crossfire" is my jam! I encourage you all to have a listen.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I guess I'm on a little break from blogging, if you couldn't tell by my lack of posting. But I'm coming back soon! When all of my summer classes are done, I'll have a lot more time to keep this updated. Until then, e-mail me any music news you hear or want to talk about at!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack Listing Released

Oh if you know me in "everyday life," you'll know I'm a huge fan of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and am anticipating the film coming out in August...actually "anticipating" is kind of a light term, more like "obsessing." So anyway, Pitchfork released the soundtrack listing today:

01 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): "We Are SEX BOB-OMB"
02 Plumtree: "Scott Pilgrim"
03 Frank Black: "I Heard Ramona Sing"
04 Beachwood Sparks: "By Your Side"
05 Black Lips: "O Katrina!"
06 Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene): "I'm So Sad, So Very, Very Sad"
07 Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene): "We Hate You Please Die"
08 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): "Garbage Truck"
09 T. Rex: "Teenage Dream"
10 The Bluetones: "Sleazy Bed Track"
11 Blood Red Shoes: "It's Getting Boring by the Sea"
12 Metric: "Black Sheep"
13 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): "Threshold"
14 Broken Social Scene: "Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl"
15 The Rolling Stones: "Under My Thumb"
16 Beck: "Ramona (Acoustic)"
17 Beck: "Ramona"
18 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): "Summertime"
19 Brian LeBarton: "Threshold 8 Bit"

A+ to Beck, Metric and Broken Social Scene! Can't wait to hear it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I love when a band can make a bad song sound awesome!

This is JJ's "Ecstasy." Sound familiar? It's a cover of Lil Wayne's "Lollipop"! (And it actually sounds good!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling like...I'm changing the perception of Pop Music.

This might be quite the controversial post but, seriously, I think Ke$ha and Lady Gaga are changing pop music for the better. That's right. I think they're the shit!* And here's why:

1. Their Style: I could probably write an entire book on Lady Gaga's fashion sense alone but I'll try to keep this short. Gaga looks like she came from outer space and a lot of people say it's a gimmick (which it probably is, even though she doesn't need it,) but when is the last time you saw someone dress like that? "Christina Aguilera at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday! Bazinga! Oh wait..." That's right, I'm calling you out, Xtina. Hokey or not, Lady Gaga has created a completely original look for herself that no one has ever done before (although sometimes she can get a little Madonna-ish...Exhibit A,) and that I can respect.
Ke$ha's style is also very original, even though it's not as crazy as Lady Gaga's. Her eye makeup alone is a staple of hers, with black eyeliner and sparkling eyeshadow around it. She wears a lot of leggings and t-shirts, shorts and skirts and is going through a navajo-western thing now that showed in the "Your Love is My Drug" video.

2. Their Lyrics: Isn't it refreshing to have female pop artists talk about something other than sex and boys in their lyrics? I mean, sure the songs about sex and boys are there but it's not what they're all about. Often with Lady Gaga, you think her song is about one thing and then it turns out it's about hooking up with a girl. Then you play the song again and hear "bluffing with my muffin" and think "oh, I get it now!" Or how about getting drunk? Not exactly the most lady like thing to do but Ke$ha does it like the rest of us and she can write a catchy song about it too. "Tik Tok" was her first hit off of Animal and had nothing to do with her sexy body and how tan she is and all the guys she's getting with. Growing up in the Britney-Christina age, that's all I heard about in pop songs so it's great to hear something new.

3. (Ke$ha) doesn't take herself too Seriously: Lady Gaga is the epitome of "taking herself too seriously," I mean just watch that interview she did last week on Larry King Live, so I wont include her in this category. Ke$ha on the other hand, just wants to have fun with her music and doesn't really see herself as a "serious" artist, which is (I think) what pop music should be all about: having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. Ke$ha herself says it perfectly in this interview: "People get so pretentious about pop music so I do feel like I'm fighting this battle. My record is honest and fun. It's a celebration of youth and life and going out and getting crazy. I'm about non-pretentious irreverence and f**k off good fun!" Thank you, Ke$ha! Pop artists, please stop acting like you're this visionary of music and that you got to where you are because of your voice! Did your manager tell you to say that? It's all about luck! Lady Gaga lived in Yonkers so she was close to the city and was able to make connections. Ke$ha and Katy Perry were roommates before she got big! Hello! Just accept this fact, realize you might be gone in a year or two and have fun with it. (That last sentence doesn't really regard Lady Gaga either, I think she may be staying around for a while.)

And lastly...
4. They aren't Sex Symbols: I think this fact is crucial in what makes them both different from other pop artists. Ke$ha's style has been referred to as "garbage-chic" and Lady Gaga continuously is accused of being a hermaphrodite. That doesn't exactly sound like the media views them as being conventionally "attractive," even though they are both very pretty young ladies. Once again, in the Britney-Christina age of pop music, it was all about the looks. They were viewed as sex symbols before they were viewed as pop artists. Now with Ke$ha and Lady Gaga, it's about their drastic persona's and catchy hooks. I think that also says a lot about the music they're producing. People will listen to their music because it's catchy and is unique, not because "they're hot." I think that's really cool about both of these artists.

* = This is not by any means saying they're talented or credible artists. Lady Gaga maybe, Ke$ha not so much, which is a shame because I really love her but there has been talk saying she's bad live and now this. I'm starting to think it's true.
(Both pictures are from their page.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Interpol Cancel Tour Dates due to Hold on U2 Tour

Very Upsetting!

I was going to go on the 23rd to Northern Lights...thanks a lot, Bono! Another reason to "strongly dislike" U2.
Interpol are on my list of bands I absolutely need to see if they play in my area and I haven't seen them live yet so I was really bummed to hear this news. It's not going to be the original line-up, with Carlos D leaving and all but at least it's not Paul Banks. I think all Interpol fans would come to his NYC loft with torches if he left!

Awesome New Commercial for Addidas

Starring Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, David Beckham and other random people!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Question About Other Blogs

I highly doubt that a lot of people even read this but, I was just curious, what other blogs do you guys read? I always like to find new blogs I'm interested in or blogs that have a really unique premise/idea. So comment with your favorites! Thanks!

Another thing, The Preston Beat's URL has changed: That's right, no "blogspot" in the middle to make it look all weird (that was always a pet peeve of mine, so glad I got a custom domain.)

My favrotie Video from the Jimmy Kimmel Special: LOST Where are They Now?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stimulus created 2.8 Million Jobs?!


I usually don't get political on here but I thought this was something worth posting, since a lot of people think that the Stimulus was a failure.
That's a success, if you ask me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr. Hudson

Looks like Sting...sounds like Sting...I'm starting to think he really digs Sting!

I have to say though, I do love any song he's involved in that comes out.

(Apparently this is has been like the "Graduation" - Vitamin C of the class of 2010? Interesting.)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Preston Beat Reflects on Lost (Spoiler Alert)

Since I've never blogged about it, some of you might not know that I'm a huge Lost fan. (And I'm talking "watch the newest episode twice and then look up/analyze theories and different possible outcomes till 2AM" huge!) The reason why I haven't blogged about it is because I feel like I have way too much to say and if I tried, it would all just come out sounding like a big ramble...but I'll try my best here to convey my thoughts. I think I have to blog about it at least once before it's all over.
I'm going to approach this in list form, starting with:

1. The Jacob vs. M.I.B. Craziness: When the name "Jacob" started getting tossed around in the series, we all thought Jacob was a character we knew already. People were saying it could be Jack's father, Christian Shephard (which was my educated guess,) or even one of the Losties (Jack, Locke). But who did he turn out to be? Paul Bennett, Rita's coked-up, abusive ex-husband from Dexter!
When we finally became acquainted with the man behind Jacob, in the season five finale, The Incident Part 1&2, I was kind of surprised that it was a new character we've never seen before portraying him but I was also happy with the surprise. I really liked the idea of this mysterious man and being able to explore his backstory. I remember that episode blowing my mind not only with the reveal of Jacob but also with learning the connections he had with the "candidates" throughout their whole lives and another reveal of a character we knew all along, just not in this context, the Man In Black or M.I.B. for short (or Smokey or Flocke...whichever you decide!)
For the series finale, I kind of don't want the focus to be on Jacob and M.I.B. to be honest, just because I feel we've had our episodes with them (Ab Aeterno and Across The Sea,) and it's time to start explaining what's up with Desmond and the time travel stuff. Regarding the Jacob/M.I.B. storyline, I would like more of an elaboration on "the job" that Jack has agreed to do in What They Died For. And I also think that "the light" needs to be addressed as well; what exactly is this light? What powers does it posses? And why did it turn M.I.B. into smokey when Jacob threw him in there? Personally, my roommates and I have been thinking that the light is something like "The Fountain of Youth" but the only problem with that theory is, it doesn't really explain why M.I.B. returned being Smokey when Jacob threw him into the light. However, it does explain why so many ships land there, these ships also seem to be from countries in Europe (i.e. Spain,) where conquistadors reigned from and explored the sea for new things. I know this might be pushing it and it probably wont get addressed but, I would also like to know the origin of homegirl Allison Janney's character aka Jacob and M.I.B.'s "mother."

2. Daniel Faraday: Probably my favorite character of the entire series! (Yeah, I'm gonna go there.) Without Faraday, the time travel aspect of this show wouldn't be possible. He spent his entire adult life studying space-time at Oxford and therefore, knows everything there needs to know about time travel. When Desmond started flashing through time and the losties got stuck in Dharmaville circa 1976, Daniel was there to explain to them and to the audience of the show what a constant was and how time travel was like a spinning record. His death probably effected me the most, I'm still kind of bitter about that one. But I was more than happy to see him in Happily Ever After this season and hope to see him again in the finale.

3. Desmond Hume: Desmond is another one of my favorites. He has some of the best one-liners from the series, ("I'll see you in another life, brotha" and "There's always a choice, brotha") perhaps it's the "brotha" that makes them so epically awesome, I don't know. One of my favorite Desmond moments actually happened this season in The Candidate when Desmond, sitting quietly in that rusty, cold well M.I.B. thew him down, was talking to a "sick" Sayid about his alleged reunion with Nadia. When Sayid explained that M.I.B. promised him that he could bring back Nadia if he killed Desmond, a philosophical and mellow Desmond asked very simply, "and if he does bring her back and you reunite with this girl again, what are you going to say when she asks how you got back to her again?" Such a perfect burn, if you ask me. I think it was also one of the events that made Sayid so heroic before his unfortunate death. I really like Sayid too, by the way, and was pissed that they made him contract "the sickness" but it was all forgiven after his ending (so good!)

4. Time Travel/Flash-Sideways Business: My immediate reaction to the flash sideways was the exact same one when the show introduced time travel: "Time Travel/Flash Sideways?! Really?!" This whole thing with Desmond jumping from universe to universe is very interesting and I always found his "abilities" to be a very important part of the show, probably the second most important, actually (first being Jacob/M.I.B.) but it's time to actually tell us what the hell is going on! I mean, I get that Desmond can jump in between alternative universes and time travel because he is acceptable to electromagnetism but WHY is he acceptable to it?! What happened?! And if you tell me, "when the hatch blew up and he was inside, that's when he got these abilities" save it cause that doesn't make sense either! For some reason, this seems to be some fans' reasoning behind Desmond's powers and feel like they can just brush it off their shoulders and move on. But this still doesn't make sense; why did he survive the hatch blowing up in the first place? He had to have these abilities prior to the hatch blowing up or else he wouldn't have lived through it! AHHHHH!!! My brain hurts just writing this.
If I could devise a perfect finale, I'd probably want this question to be the main focus. There are still some loose ends with Jacob/M.I.B. like I said above but it's a lot more resolved than this story line is. I also would like a little more about this alternate universe stuff that's going on in this season; what's the purpose? And let's just say that everyone remembers things from the island and realizes that everyone is connected; what then? Are they just gonna go "huh" and move on? WHAT?!
As you can see, this whole debacle is what stumps me the most about this show.

5. What lies in the shadow of the Statue?!: Three words: Four. Toed. Statue. What is the significance?! This mystery and the "Adam and Eve" skeletons have been on my "absolutely need to answer this question" list since they were introduced. The skeletons were answered in "Across the Sea" but in my opinion, can you say cop out?!

Just like:
Kate: "So why was my name crossed off the list?"
Jacob: "Because, Kate. You became a mother. But it's just a piece of chalk, the job is yours if you want it."

Oh, duh, Jacob. My bad. I mean really.

Anyway, the statue has always been huge for me, it probably wont turn out to be anything too crazy but I've just always wanted to know what was up with it and what time period it emerged, who built it, etc.

6. People I Really Want to See in the Finale:
-I think the person I'm dying to see the most is Ms. Juliet Burke. I really want to see a reunion with Sawyer and I also really want to see them "getting coffee" like Juliet said they would when she died.

-Even though Michael and Walt are a packaged deal, I'm willing to see Michael if that means I can see Walt. I feel like that whole story line and why Walt was "special" to the others just went kaput so fast. I'd like to see a little more of Walt's story.

-Daniel Faraday (of course, not even a question.)

-Charlie would be nice, and maybe a sane Claire!?

-Hell, why not Nikki and Paulo too?

7. My Prediction for the final outcome of Lost: I think almost all of the losties unfortunately will bite the dust...not unfortunate though for Kate (sorry, I'm totally one of those fans who hates on Kate! On a side note, how is she still alive? She would never last after a gun shot wound in real life, not even if the bullet went through, she'd be loosing too much blood.) Locke's body will continue to inhabit M.I.B. and Jack will be Jacob (I'm hoping - some people are saying they think Jack might die in the finale and someone, probably Hurley, would take the Jacob position - I wouldn't really like that.) Someone, either Hurley or Desmond I'm thinking, would survive and take over as the "Richard Alpert" role, being a middle man between the two. In the beginning of the season, I was thinking it would be Hurley but now I'm honestly thinking it might be Desmond, just because now everyone's talking about how "special" he is and shit. So I don't know but I'm thinking it would be between those two. With the time travel/alternate universe story line, it's really a toss up. I don't even have the slightest idea of what could happen with that and am open to different ideas, I just want it to make sense to me.

To fellow Lost fans, take this weekend to enjoy the last hours of this creative and innovative mind fuck that we call a television show and revel in this epic piece of storytelling. It's not just the questions about the island I think that we are attached to but also, the characters. So even if you don't like the way the end turns out (cause I know I'll probably have a problem with it, it can't be perfect for everyone, right?) just enjoy the time you'll have with the Oceanic Six and the rest of the losties for the last time. And just remember that there's always the DVD Box set.

Damn that took a long time to write!


(Picture from

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been noticing something about Julian Casablancas lately.

Joey Ramone + Ric Ocasek = Julian Casablancas

(I couldn't find a recent picture so instead, I'll just post the "Boom Box" video from SNL.)

Not sure about this song yet but, pretty awesome video.

Against Me! "I Was a Teenage Anarchist"

A lot of people are debating over the lyrics to this song, just look at the youtube comments under the video. Do anarchists now have a "mob mentality," as Gabel sings? My thoughts on this issue:

First of all, let me just say that I haven't really indulged too much into the anarchist scene but can definitely see why they would feel this way about government. I don't think they're as crazy as people make them out to be, they really do have a point.
With evidence from talking with people who define themselves as anarchists throughout my teenage years and now, early twenties, I think Gabel could be right. Every anarchist I've talked to have the same opinions, it's never something new. People have to have (or at least should have,) some differences in opinion, no matter what party they affiliate themselves with. That's why there's something called "being moderate" or "far left"/"far right." There can't possibly be a political group of people who have the exact same opinion. And with anarchists, I think that might be the case but I'm only forming this opinion based on my experience with them so who really knows, right? When Gabel started saying things in the media that weren't let's just say, "anarchist" friendly, (exhibit A, exhibit B,)people started to talk and they immediately shunned him from the anarchist community; why? Can't he have an opinion that's a little more centered and still be considered an anarchist? Why does one opinion have to be the right opinion? Gabel is growing up and was exploring new ideas but that doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't an anarchist anymore even though now, he's officially said he isn't. So when you hear people bashing Tom Gabel for "selling out" or whatever the hell they're saying that week, analyze if they are bashing his opinions because they don't agree or are they bashing his opinions because they aren't "anarchist" friendly?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(Credit unknown...if you know who made this, please contact me.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Arcade Fire's Website:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tom Gabel's Blog
This made me very happy!

Against Me!'s new album, White Crosses, is due out June 7.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Every place I go, I take another place with me." - Bon Iver

That quote is from "Wisconsin." Another great Bon Iver song is "Skinny Love" and guess who covered that?! Ingrid Michaelson! And she did quite well, might I add. Here's her crazy brilliant guerrilla live performance.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonky Pop!

So I was just reading about Dan Black on Wikipedia (he sings "Symphonies," on the current Preston Beat playlist below,) and they described him as "wonky" pop! I've never heard of this term before so I looked that up as well and apparently it was created by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) to describe "quirky, catchy and credible pop." Some artists that were mentioned: Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, Mika, Florence and The Machine, La Roux, M.I.A. and The Ting Tings! Maybe this term is wildly popular and I just haven't heard about it yet but either way, I thought it was interesting.

The fact that we have to now create a term that differentiates pop music and pop music that is actually creative and has some artistic merit says something about where pop music is going now-a-days...just a thought...

Read about it more on Wiki HERE

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

John Nolan and Shaun Cooper reunite with Taking Back Sunday!

Exciting news!

John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, left Taking Back Sunday in 2003 to form Straylight Run but have now reconciled their differences with Adam Lazzara (probably because now they all hate Jesse Lacey, feud explained here,) and are reuniting permanently with Taking Back Sunday. They're also planning on touring this summer. For a Tell All Your Friends fan (i.e. me) this is the best news relating to Taking Back Sunday ever! I can't wait to see what Nolan and Lazzara will do together.

Read the story on Alternative Press HERE!

Bamboozle Festival

Something Corporate reunite at Bamboozle. Photo courtesy of

The 2-day Bamboozle Festival was held this weekend in New Jersey with Weezer, Drake and Paramore owning everyone else in their performances, according to Billboard. Ke$ha, on the other hand, apparently did not do so well which is kind of a bummer.
I would have went to this, they had an amazing line-up this year, but I had a baby shower to go to that I simply could not miss. Hopefully next year they'll continue to keep the good acts coming...the only thing I really don't like about Bamboozle is the's not even the fact that they're young (cause if anyone has went to Bamboozle in NJ you'll know they certainly are,) it's the fact they they seem to be quite rude and disrespectful to the venue (Meadowlands Sports Complex, where the Giants play,) as well as musicians up on stage playing. Have some manners, kiddies! (Totally sounding like an old lady but I don't care.)

Matt and Kim perform. Courtesy of Billboard.

Interpol "Lights"

Download here to hear Interpol's new song, "Lights"! So exciting!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Harrison Roach

Roach just came out with his debut album "All These Things" and isn't signed yet, but I have a hunch he's going to be very soon. Here's his website: You can also buy his album on itunes!

(Picture courtesy of

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...This is amazing.

Of Montreal were on Yo Gabba Gabba!

Broken Bells "The High Road"

Broken Bells is a collaboration between James Mercer (The Shins) and DJ Danger Mouse (Gorillaz, Gnarls Barkley and also did the infamous Grey Album). Their self titled album has consistently been my jam lately.

New LCD Soundsystem Video for "Drunk Girls" and News that is unfortunate for James Murphy but might be good for you!

Directed by Spike Jonze!

This is Happening, LCD Soundsystem's third disc is supposed to be released May 18 however, now that the very much anticipated album leaked, it might be released a lot sooner than that.

I actually felt really bad when I found out this leaked since I read this before, quoting Murphy saying "after it comes out, give it to whoever you want for free. But until then, keep it to yourself." Wahhh wahhhh.

Picture from

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The little music festival known as Coachella began yesterday in California with Jay-Z, LCD Soundsystem and Them Crooked Vultures headlining. Pitchfork posted some awesome shots of Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, She & Him and others who performed yesterday here:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos (from

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She & Him's Zooey Deschanel (from

Today, MGMT, The Dead Weather, The Dirty Projectors, Steel Train and others hit the stage with Muse and Faith No More headlining.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blender Online...and some others

So last year, I was really bummed to hear that one of my favorite music magazines, Blender, was going out of business. But I just remembered that they re-launched the website after the print version was no longer. So just a heads up if anyone didn't know, Blender's still a publication, just online.
EDIT 4/21/2010: So I've thought a lot about this after searching the site and realized, there's a reason why Blender went under. They just aren't as good as they used to be. What happened?! Their lists were the best!

Some other music magazine's out there? Besides the staples (Rolling Stone and Spin,) there are some really great publications out there to look for new music, both in print and online.

Paste - Even though they could be on their way out (they continue to ask for donations from avid readers and subscribers,) Paste is good for someone who is into either alt-country (Ryan Adams, Avett Brothers, Gillian Welch,) or mellow indie like Death Cab for Cutie or The Decemberists. They also are fans of Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Radiohead, Neutral Milk Hotel and etc.

Pitchfork Media - Probably my favorite online music website, Chicago's Pitchfork covers almost every genre of music, as long as it's indie. The website is designed really well and is easy to navigate. I especially like that they have a music player on their website so you could actually listen to the bands you're reading about. Also, I'm a sucker for lists and top 10's/20's/whatever...and they have a lot of those.

Prefix Mag - While their website could use a little work, (it's a little busy, don't you think?) Prefix Mag has a lot of freelance writers all over the world so they naturally have a lot of information about bands and they have it quick. Another great thing about this site is that there are no barriers when it comes to music genre's, they write about anyone from Taylor Swift to Dr. Dog. I can definitely respect that.

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Drunk Girls"

Listen to LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls," on Pitchfork's website. This is the first single off of one man band James Murphy's next album, due out May 18th (album title is still unknown)!

Two nights ago on Jimmy Fallon...

Monday, March 22, 2010

So something pretty life changing happened yesterday.

President Obama's Health Care Bill passed!

For those of you who still aren't sure what the final revision of the health care bill entails, here's an easy read about it, listing 10 important things you should know about the bill:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vampire Weekend's Second Single "Giving Up the Gun"

This video is great! With cameos from Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil' Jon, Daft Punk and RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Secrets

I just wanted to share this week's edition of Post Secret because I thought these were very moving and interesting. The blog posts new secrets every Sunday.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Volume Two

Hear She & Him's Volume Two on NPR's website before it releases! The album comes out on March 23.

Love the album cover, by the way.

Picture courtesy of

Update on The Strokes?! Who knew?!

I thought The Strokes were never to return again. What a pleasant surprise! Not only are they one of the headliners for Lollapalooza this year, but are also headlining the Isle of Wight Festival this June.
The band is also working on a new album which Julian Casablancas told Rolling Stone should be out by September. Let's hope it's not another First Impressions on Earth. I linked that partly because I'm not sure if a lot of music fans even know or have heard of that album. Or perhaps they'd like to block it out of their minds. "Juicebox," anyone? Remember that? Yeah, it's coming back. If you couldn't tell, I was really disappointed with that album and was upset that was going to be their last album together, every band should go out with a bang. It's great to know that will not be the case. More updates to come on The Strokes reunion.

Sufjan, Crazy Heart

It's 2:35 AM...that's right. How the hell I'm still up and completely awake, I will never know.

Anyway...lately, I've been thinking about Sufjan Stevens. When is he going to release another album? I mean, I know he came out with The BQE last year but it's almost impossible to get a copy since Asthmatic Kitty didn't sell the album to the mass market...totally lame. I tried to look for news about what he's doing lately and couldn't find anything except for the fact that he still is apparently working on his Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey albums simultaneously. We'll see about that. Also, his New Jersey album might be an homage to the New Jersey Turnpike. I don't really know why anyone would want to pay homage to quite possibly the most annoying toll road I've ever been on but, alright.

Also, tonight I just saw "Crazy Heart" which was crazy brilliant. A little slow at first but nonetheless, brilliant. The music alone is amazing. Written and Produced by alt-country gem T-Bone Burnett, the Crazy Heart soundtrack is both dark and optimistic, much like main character Bad Blake's journey throughout the film. I highly recommend it as well as the film. Kudos to the dude, he deserved that oscar.

Still wide's 2:45 now. I'm shocked.

Beautifully Random Words

Check out my roommate, Deana's new blog!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vampire Weekend on SNL

They kicked so much ass!!

Check out host Zach Galifianakis' opening monologue too...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top Two Albums to Get Now!

Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me: Just released last week, Newsom's third studio album follows the powerful predecessors, Ys and The Milk-Eyed Mendor. The album is actually three discs, which for some might be a bit of an overkill but I personally think it's a step forward for Newsom and a solid third album. It reminds me a lot of The Milk-Eyed Mendor but a little more mature. Something that I noticed though, her voice isn't "unique" as usual, I guess you could say? Newsom's voice is one of the things that make her great, I really hope her record company didn't tell her to alter that because the voice is included in the whole Joanna package and fans wouldn't want it any other way.

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach This doesn't come out until March 9 but you can hear the entire album via stream on NPR's website. In their third studio album, Gorillaz come back with what they do best - euro dance songs by the "heart throb" (as they like to call him,) 2-D, rap songs by big teddy bear Russel and high pitch visceral vocals in between songs by Noodle...Murdoc is in there too but, he's just too cool to sing, I think. Have fun with this album...that's all Gorillaz would want for you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gorillaz "Stylo"

Russel, Noodle, 2D and Murdoc are back with Mos Def and Bobby Womack with their first single off their third album Plastic Beach, "Stylo."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pitchfork's Picks for 2009

Pitchfork Media just released their Top 50 albums of 2009 and Top 100 tracks of 2009 with Animal Collective claiming number one on both lists with their eighth studio album Merriweather Post Pavilion and key track off of Merriweather, "My Girls".

I like Animal Collective and respect them as musicians but I honestly don't see what the fuss is about. "My Girls" is great and definitely deserves to be on the list (don't know about number one though,) but the album as a whole was just "eh" for me. It could also be because I attended a school where Animal Collective was what everyone was listening to and believed that music as we know it would change because of them so when it didn't exactly live up to the hype I expected, it turned me off maybe even more than it usually would. But it's no surprise Pitchfork gave them the number one spot for both, they've been raving about Merriweather Post Pavilion since it released in January 2009 giving the album overall a 9.6 in their review.

On a side note, Pitchfork is a great website to look for new music. They cover a lot of bands that aren't usually covered and you could even listen to them on the website thanks to their LALA player on the top right.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm back with the Top 10 Albums of 2009!

Sorry, whoever reads this. I was busy moving to Albany! I'm almost settled in finally. All I need now is a job...too bad this gig doesn't pay.

Anyway, who said Christmas was over? Here are my top 10 albums of 2009!

10. The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You

Seth and Scott Avett are known to mix different genre's of music to create their unique folk-rock sound with stand-up bass player Bob Crawford. With their major label debut, I and Love and You, the brothers show what they're really made of. With heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy Holly, the tuneful jangle of the Beatles, the raw energy of the Ramones, (according to The San Francisco Chronicle,) key tracks include "Kick Drum Heart," "Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise" and "I and Love and You."

09. Cobra Starship - Hot Mess

Okay so there's a disclaimer with this one. Cobra Starship may or may not be on this list for the mere fact that I absolutely love them. Not really sure if I'm being partial to them because of this. Hot Mess, while not as good and will never even come close to Viva La Cobra!, has some great tracks to put on when you just want to dance and have fun. Cobra Starship have always been reliable for that, at least. Key tracks include "Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous" (not true,) "Good Girls Go Bad," "Hot Mess" and "The World Will Never Do."

08. Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Wow. This album really blew me away when I heard it. I immediately thought of Of Montreal when I heard it but eventually Phoenix became separate for me. Thomas Mars' voice alone kills me. Phoenix was one of the bands I was telling everyone to listen to in 2009. Their intense energy, fast-paced melodies and intricate production is what makes Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix one of the best indie albums to come out in a while. You can pretty much listen to this album all the way through and not be disappointed. Key tracks include but are not limited to "Lisztomania," "1901," "Lasso" and "Rome."

07. Chester French - Love The Future

This band has the same appeal Cobra Starship has to me. But this in no way means I'm partial to this band. Love The Future most definitely deserves to be on my list. A very strong debut from Harvard duo D.A. Wallace and Maxwell Drummey. Not only did they come out with an awesome debut, they also ended up touring with Blink 182, Weezer and Taking Back Sunday (When Blink 182 decided to show up...did I just type that? Maybe I'm just a fellow SPAC attendee who is still bitter.) Key tracks include "She Loves Everybody," "Sleep," "People" and "BeBe Buell."

06. Regina Spektor - Far

Oh, Regina. Thank you for coming out with an album already! I missed you! Like typical Regina Spektor, which isn't a bad thing, Spektor released another flawless album with quirky vocals and killer piano arrangements. I pretty much had "Dance Anthem of the 80's" on my "Top 25 most Played" playlist on itunes all year. Key tracks include "Laughing With," "Dance Anthem of the 80's" and "The Calculation."

05. Passion Pit - Manners

I think Passion Pit is this time period's Jefferson Airplane. Very psychedelic and ridiculously awesome vocals by Michael Angelakos. I can see this Cambridge, MA powerhouse going quite far. They're extremely talented and have a very unique sound to them. No one right now sounds like this. There's a reason why their three shows at Terminal 5 January 8, 9 and 10 sold out immediately. Key tracks include "The Reeling," "Eyes As Candles" and "Sleepyhead."

04. Lily Allen - It’s Not Me, It’s You

I'm always a sucker for Lily Allen. Her tongue and cheek lyrics, her euro-pop sound and her wispy, sweet voice. It's Not Me, It's You was a big step towards furthering Lily Allen's career not just as that girl who sang "Smile" and was on myspace a couple years back, but as a female artist in the music industry with something different and fresh. Key tracks include "Not Fair," "The Fear," "Who'd Have Known" and "He Wasn't There."

03. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s - It’s Blitz!

After the IsIs EP, I was getting worried. I didn't want to believe that the Yeah Yeah Yeah's only good album was Fever to Tell and that it was the end of them. Fear not, they came back better than ever with It's Blitz!, an album so good that you'll listen to the whole 10 tracks tracks, either wanting more or settling for the same songs and just playing it on repeat. Key tracks include "Zero," "Dull Life," "Runaway" and "Heads will Roll."

02. Tegan and Sara - Sainthood

Sometimes, waiting pays off. Tegan and Sara's highly anticipated Sainthood lived up to every expectation I had about their next album and then some. I always thought The Con would be their timeless record but I think they might have two. Key tracks include "On Directing," "Arrow," "The Cure" and "Alligator."

01. Say Anything - Say Anything

This album kind of came out of nowhere for me and was totally unexpected to be amazing. I didn't even know Say Anything was working on a new album until it released. I listened to it, expecting another long and played out In Defense of the Genre (which was OKAY, I'm not knocking it,) but instead got pure indie-pop-rock genius. Marriage suits Max Bemis well (he married Eisley's Sherri DuPree in April 2009.) Every song on this album could be a single which could not be said for their previous albums, once again, not knocking it but this is certainly their best album yet as a cohesive unit. Key track include "Mara and Me," "Crush'd," "Cemetery" and "Do Better"