Monday, September 7, 2009

MAC OS X Snow Leopard

I know this isn't a Tech blog but just recently, I had some difficulty with the subject so I figured, if someone came across this post and it helped them when they upgraded to Snow Leopard, why not? Anyway, many Mac users (myself included,) are experiencing a problem when they restart their computers after installing Apple's newest processor, Snow Leopard. According to this article in Information Week, Mac's will start up with a white screen with the Apple logo and what has been coined "the spinning wheel of death." The machine then proceeds to turn off without any warning without you being able to get to the main screen and the problem persists if you turn it back on. This is an easy fix if you have AppleCare but for some, it's been a fiasco (See: Amy Gahran's blog For me, my Mac just happened to turn on today and decided to work again but I'm going to take it to the Apple store just in case. Just wanted to give a heads up to people who are considering Snow Leopard!

(This will probably be the first and last blog about tech-related things...because usually, I have no clue.)

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