Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taking Back Sunday: New Again (Review)

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The fourth studio album by one of the original Long Island emo rock bands, Taking Back Sunday, bring their new sound to full circle. Combining their original sound (fast guitars and witty, vocal banter between two parties,) with the sound they've been experimenting with for the last few years (still fast but a little less emo, a little more alternative rock,) with Where You Want to Be and Louder Now, New Again seems to be the album Taking Back Sunday have been wanting to write for some time now.
It is the first album to include their new guitarist, Matthew Fazzi after the departure of Fred Mascherino in mid-2007. Lead singer Adam Lazzara has been quoted saying that the band chose the album title New Again because they felt like they were transformed into a completely different band because of their musical growth. "We kicked around a bunch of different titles, but that one always remained the top of the list, and that’s because it really does feel like a new band," Lazzara said.
It is definitely recommended to get their bonus tracks on the iTunes version of the album. It includes a jazzy, contemporary dance version of one of the best songs on the album, "Carpathia." Some of their other key tracks on this album include the single "Sink into Me" (which kind of reminds me of a modern day-new Taking Back Sunday version of "You're So Last Summer,") "Everything Must Go" and the original version of "Capathia."
This new album isn't Tell All Your Friends and I know that many fans want that sound back from the band (I do too, to be honest,) but if this album will show us fans anything, it's that Taking Back Sunday still got it, no matter how different they sound.
With Louder Now especially, it seemed like the band wasn't very sure how to translate the direction they wanted to go in as a band. However on this album, it seems as if their progression as a band and different sound has become a little more familiar and comfortable for the band.

4 out of 5

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