Saturday, May 9, 2009

In the middle of finals...

The lack of updates are due to me being in the middle of finals! It's definitely a stressful time! But here's a little blurb about what music I'm listening to lately:

Patty Griffin: I've been loving this bluegrass-folk powerhouse since I saw the film, "Elizabethtown" where her song "Long Ride Home" is featured. Hailing from Old Town, Maine, Griffin mixes all different genres of music to make something that's her own; bluegrass, folk, blues, jazz and even my musical arch nemesis, country. Her lyrics are also very "home town" talking about a variety of things from baking a pie in her country kitchen to leaving her comfortable life for something new. For a first time listener, I'd recommend 1,000 Kisses, her most popular album to date and the best lyrical work of hers. Another good album is Children Running Through, released in 2007 and Grammy nominated for Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album.

The Ting Tings: "A few people have mentioned the childlike, singalong quality in our songs." said lead singer Katie White in British newspaper The Guardian, "I think it's because my voice isn't too high or too low, and the lyrics have that chanty quality, so anyone can sing along to them. Or maybe we've just got the brains of four-year-olds!" This English duo from Manchester, White (vocals, guitar, bass drum,) and Jules De Martino (drums, guitar, vocals, piano,) offer a new, fresh sound to the whole "Franz Ferdinand-Artic Monkeys" sound that's been emerging the past few years. Their second album and first major label release, We Started Nothing, is a non-stop dance party.

: The alias of eighteen year old Christofer Drew, NevershoutNever! is filling the void Hellogoodbye left now that they've turned indie on us. His EP's including "demo-shmemo" and "Me & My Uke EP" are definitely worth a listen and filled with melodic, dance pop songs with strong lyrical background. Be sure to check out his debut album coming out sometime within the year. He is currently working on it, produced by Hellogoodbye lead singer Forrest Kline.