Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fat Mike is at it again...

Lead singer of NOFX, Fat Mike, called Avenged Sevenfold "the epitome of what's wrong with rock n' roll" in a recent interview with This is reminiscent of a feud that happened between NOFX and Underoath in 2006 during Warped Tour when Mike criticized the Christian emphasized hardcore band from Florida for discussing their religion heavily in their lyrics. Kevin Lyman, developer and creator of the annual festival, threatened to ban NOFX from the tour if the taunting continued. A couple of weeks after the initial taunt, which happened onstage in front of the audience, Underoath decided to quit the tour. Whether it was because of Mike's remarks is still unknown however in an interview with PunkNews.Org, Mike reassured everyone that the bands settled their differences off stage and the split from the tour was not because of them.

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